Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picked Honna: Souvenir from Mexico

by Keikichi Honna

So, this is it. Balls of twine.

1 3/4" or 40mm in diameter. One of the worst hand crafted stuff I've ever seen. The quality is so poor that it's almost crime to put a price and sell them. 6 pesos each (like $0.5), or 60 pesos for a dozen. Hadn't they been placed among toys, I couldn't have guessed they were intended for children. Nor had they had dark colored strings for decoration, I couldn't have told that they were supposed to be soccer balls. I was laughing, and of course bought a couple.

They don't bounce, they are not round enough. I was laughing at their quality and thought that bundled up rubber bands would work much better as balls. Then, I'd think "oh, you can't waste rubber bands. They are expensive." I realized the desperation of those who made them - they couldn't use better materials, and those who would buy them - that's the best they could afford.
This is the poorest hand crafted stuff I've ever seen. However, this is also the most honest product I've ever seen. There is no deception, no over-decoration - you pay for exactly what you see, and you get what you pay for - nothing more, nothing less.  For only 6 pesos, you can buy the poorest quality yet the most honest hand crafted products. That's fucking steal!

I was thinking to make them myself. I can make better looking ones for sure. Probably I can even sell them for $6.00 each on ebay! But I can never duplicate the desperation and honesty of the original.  Bought them as a joke. Now they remind me of (my lack of) honesty.

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