Sunday, June 10, 2018

Terra Infirma at Space 4 Art

by Patricia Frischer

Space 4 Art presented a multimedia production about environmental destruction and regeneration Terra Infirma, at their next permanent Home 2529 Market St. 92102 (entry for now off 26th Street alley on south side of property) on Sat. June 9 from 6-8pm.  The evening was curated by dance (Justin Morrison) and music (Chris Warren) and art (Siobhan Arnold) all set on temporary structures built to enliven the space while money is raised for the wonderful new live/work and studio spaces that will be built.  These  structures including an on site gallery, amphitheater and boardwalks were designed and built by Space 4 Art architects and artists with High Tech High Chula Vista and King-Chavez students. 

The final build will be modular and the model was so much fun to see and so well crafted. The work is mainly volunteer and very impressive and all coordinated by Bob Leathers with  Cheryl Nickel. About $1.8 million is needed at this stage, so spread the word. I could see this same sort of structure which is so creative and practical at the same time, with spaces from about 400 to 800 square feet as a wonderful solution for affordable house in lots of communities. I hope to see this  project built so it can be seen as a pilot for others these ideas will spread and flourish.

PS the
 tacos from O My Toco (cash bar; proceeds support Space 4 Art’s Permanent Home project) were delicious. More info: Alexis Negron 619 269 7230

Bob Leathers and Cheryl Nickel

An organic, modular concept which is as interesting as it is practical

Close up of the future gallery in the space. 

Richard Keely, a SD Art Prize recipients, shows Dante's Pillow made from felt, asphalt, wood, chalk, earth, tar and steel was a bargain at $500.

Erin Whitman's Mobius from 2012.

detail from above

Need no explanation!

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