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Spitting In The Wind: Art From the End of the Line by Richard Allen Morris, John Baldessari, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin

Spitting In The Wind: Art From the End of the Line by Richard Allen Morris, John Baldessari, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin
Until to Nov 2
Reception Aug 9, 6-8 pm
Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way, Oceanside,92054
Danielle Susalla760-435-3721 

This not to be missed exhibition show cases the work of four gentlemen who knew each other and shared an obvious interest for stretching the boundaries of art in the late 1950, 60 and early 70's . This was the pivot time for John Baldessari when he burned all previous work and declared "I will not make any boring art" and he made the image of those words the art.

I am familiar with most of the work of Johnn Baldessari having seen a massive show in London and a very nice retrospective at MCASD.  I am a huge fan of his and of Richard Allen Morris. He was one of our SD Art Prize recipients and is well know in Germany as well as in San Diego. I have seen a few of Bob Matheny's works but was really impressed with the great work on display in this show. They all have a sense of humor of the cynical variety and it is easy to imagine them knocking back a few and just having fun. I was especially please to learn about the art of Russell Baldwin as he was a stranger to me until this show, sad to say.  But now I am keen on them all and will watch for other shows of their art. Congratulation to the OMA for putting this mix together. Like all of the best curated shows, it seems obvious but no one did it before. 

Go see it, laugh and be amazed. 

John Baldessari documents the burning of his art

The Baldesarri on the left and the Richard Allen Morris on the right show work that survived the burn held in private or gallery collections.

Richard Allen Morris uses a squished paint tube as a reclining figure in this tiny perfect work



Richard Allen Morris

Russell Baldwin - this is a rift on the Baldessari word works, but Baldwin adds the visual word play.

Balwin detail of above

Russel Baldwin, detail of above

Ruseell Baldwin - art is all over "Heck, I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler."

Balwin detail, soft ruler

Balwin and Morris with surfaces that are yummy.
Balwin, this sparkle painting is also an early surface obsessed work

Bob Matheny - plaster, pigment and a real pail

Mathey, this is a ceramic cast of a tire wheel in ceramic that was used as an award for a spot landing contest. It says BEST at the bottom.

Matheny - I adore these book ends that are made from marble and that old black and pink foam rubber padding that so resembles it. On display in the case it was hard to even tell them apart.

Matheny - a whole set of artifact that play with words

Bob Matheny: Quote on palate - "For every photography who clamors to make it as an artist, there is an artist running the grave risk of becoming a photography. Foote.  AND this was in 1972

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