Monday, December 16, 2019

Sensuality - Objects of Beauty at the IN Gallery

Broni Likomanov

I was invited to choose a best of show by Irina Negulescu for a juried exhibition:   Sensuality - Objects of Beauty  The IN Gallery (1878 Main Street, SD 92113). Irina works very hard to support artists in her gallery and to also sell her own work. She is to be congratulated and supported for her efforts in having this showing space in Barrio Logan.

Irina Negulescu

Irina Negulescu

Selecting work for best of show is a very subjective process.  My choice was Broni Likomanov whose drawing you see at the top of this page as well as the sculpture below. The drawing immediately reminded me of the Austrian artist Egon Schiele whose work is known for its raw sexuality.  I ran a gallery in London in the seventies and became familiar with work from this period. He lived from 1890 – 1918 and I often saw his art come up in auction. The women depicted here might not truly meet the shows theme of Sensuality, but you know this is a woman who can take care of herself. The artist is not exploiting her for her beauty. Likomanov is holding nothing back and I think the honesty of the work shines through. I have a master degree in sculpture and so the fact that this artist is also a sculptor might also have also influenced my choice. 

Broni Likomanov

I want to congratulate all the artist in this show and remind you that not only should you think about supporting artist by buying their work, but even saying an encouraging word is a great help. So make your own personal best of show selection and let the gallery know. 

Rich Steward

Leah S. Bassett

Ansley Pye

Cassandra Schramm

Daniel James

Evgeniya Golik

Khalid Alkaaby

Randy Crawford

The gallery is open 5pm to 9 pm  every second Saturday of the month during the Barrio Art Nights and by appointment 6192788410
And for this show: Tuesday December 17th through Saturday 21st  12-6PM shows ends on Dec 28, 2019.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Tiny Canvases: The Art of the Nail at OMA

by Patricia Frischer

I do lots of art about hands and fingers and there is a reason why we love our fingers. We can see them every day, with no mirror. They are in focus no matter how good or poor our eye sight.The are always in close reach.  They have been with us forever...we started sucking on them from our first days, maybe even within the womb. 

Decorating the nails on  our fingers goes back centuries. The small size of the canvas has just stimulated the intricacy of the designs, techniques and materials. The past has set high standards, but recently nail art has found its way onto contemporary fashion runways. At OMA, we see a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Creative Nail Design (CNDtm). This local company started in a garage by Dr. Stuart S. Nordstrom, but is now international. This fun exhibition Tiny Canvases: The Art of the Nail demonstrates that there is no place too small for fine art to exist. 

On view at the Oceanside Museum of Art until Feb 9, 2020.