Monday, July 25, 2016

Neo-Kitsch: A New Old Latin America at Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance

 by Patricia Frischer
Neo-Kitsch: A New Old Latin America plus SD Art Prize New Contemporaries artists: opening Fri. July 22 from 6 to 9 pm and showing until Aug. 27 at Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance RSVP and directions: Tom Sergott 858-756-2377

Kitsch is a German word that I grew up with in a Jewish home in Kansas City. You knew if something was kitsch it might be fun to look at but not suitable for a contemporary home in the 1950s. There was very little kitsch in the  Danish Modern movement which my parents embraced. Kitsch was poor or common taste and was usually garish or sentimental. But I could not help but like the lava lamp of my hippie days or the hula doll I saw on many dashboards.  Barbie and Ken are certainly  the poster couple for Kitsch. The Cuckoo clock is classic kitsch.

Kitsch is more associated, perhaps, with Latin American than Germany. Probably because art is integrated entirely into their life style. Anyone who has crossed the border and waited in line has driven past an array of brightly color plaster figures ranging from Jesus Christ to the Keep on Trucking hat toting dude. 

Somehow over the years, what was out is now in. And maybe it will be out again next year. But this show is not just about  fashion, but history and the present being interpreted with irony and humor. 

Many thanks to the curator of this exhibition Andrew Utt for sending me the photos of all the works. 

Tatewaki Nio (Brazil)
Tatewaki Nio, Neo-Andina, 2015, Pigment print on paper © Tatewaki Nio

Einar and Jamex de la Torre

Chiachio & Giannone (Argentina)


Liliana Correa (Colombia)

Mauricio Garrido (Chile)

Becky Guttin (Mexico)

Paola Villasenor (PANCA) (Mexico)


Esteban Schimpf (Colombia)

 "We all have stories of where we came from and where we want to go. Letters from the Wall  is an ongoing series of vignettes based on  actual letters and real life stories of those affected by the United States/Mexico international border wall, immigration, deportation and  separation. Originally written as a bi-national theatrical event by Dave Rivas, it was first performed on both sides of the border wall in San  Ysidro, California and Playas, Tijuana, Mexico, with actors performing simultaneously on the United States and Mexico side in English and  Spanish. Each “letter” is woven together from the true stories, letters, emails, and even bedtime stories that Rivas has collected.  And more content is being added all the time as –with each performance—audience members share their own stories or experiences.  It is an ever growing and changing series that seeks to address the human experience in pursuit of a better life."

One of the stories we heard on the opening night was of a Mexican American without a passport. He lived in the USA all of his life and was recruited into the arm forces where he served his county. The armed forced gave him an identity card instead.of a passport and he traveled the world defending our country. After he left the service,  he was paid with a bad check for a job. An investigation team decided he needed to be deported for no particular reason except he did not have a passport.   He  was sent out of the county to Mexico. He became ill and although eligible for veteran care in the US was not allowed over the border to get that care. He died and his ashes were allowed back into the county to be given to his rightfully distressed parents. This story was presented beautifully by Dave as a letter, but not dramatically overstated. But the plea is clear....hear the stories and become aware. Do what you can.

August Challenges

By Patricia Frischer

August is the month that I look forward to every year. It is a time when my wonderful husband goes on a fishing trip to Canada and leaves me to wander the house on my own. I usually have a few days to wind down where I socialize, but I try to dedicate at least two week to myself and my own art.

Many people do not know that I have a master degree in sculpture from California College of Art and was a relatively successful painter in London for about 25 years.  No, I did not manage to make a living from my art, but I have sold over 300 painting and have a fairly reputable resume of one person and group exhibitions. I was head of an art department in an international school and also worked in an art gallery for a few years.

When I arrived in San Diego, I realized very quickly that the market for my type of work was not massive. I had trouble finding like minds at first, but now I am so happy to have a group of friends and colleagues who are stimulating and entertaining and loyal. I know that sometimes I am too busy, but I have a hard time saying no to an idea that supports artists and the arts in our community.

But these two weeks are a particular challenge as I try to come to grips with my own art. Ideas stream through my brain and most are dismissed. I have desires to make politically thoughtful work at a time when I find we are in a leadership quagmire.  I would like to speak about the changes happening to my 96 year old mother. I have an idea of making a series of portraits of muses from a project I helped with a few years ago. I have an opportunity to work with cast glass and want to make something memorable and unique.  

I put incredible pressure on myself and then I have just have to stop and remember to have fun. This is not opting out but instead a way to tap into less conscious ideas. I have to have faith that what bubbles up is meant to be.

I will miss my fabulous husband horribly while he is gone, but I can’t wait for him to leave!

Four banners I created for the Passport to France event in July

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Passport to France: Encinitas Friends of the Arts at Encinitas Community Center

by Patricia Frischer

Passport to France produced by the Encinitas Friends of the Artson Sat, July 23, 6:30 to 9 pm at the Encinitas Community Center ( 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, off Balour Encinitas) $20 member, $25 public. More info: Naimeh Tahna

The week before this event took place, the terrible tragedy occurred with the loss of so many lives in Nice, France. This  included a student from a family in Del Mar, Nicolas, who was known by some of our members. This banner was created by Angela Jackson, Janine Free, Deanne Sabeck and Patricia Frischer. The audience for the event was asked to sign with in the waves to send their healing wishes to our sister community. The landscape image is part Nice and part Encinitas. Our sympathies go out to all who were affected. We feel solidarity across the seas as we know this type of event could happen any where at any time. Our positive thoughts will hopefully counter the negativity now apparent in the world.

Light filled entrance

I was very proud to produce the banners for the backdrop of the entertainment.

Le Petite Prince

Now to be seen at the Encintias Town Hall

Cariff Meets France

Flower Tour

Twirling to the music, our MC Irene de Watteville with jewelry designer Lynn Merchant

Ann Sergott with Irene de Watteville

Tom Sergott with Becky Guttin. Becky's work is featured in Tom's current show Neo-Kitsch in Rancho Santa Fe

Naomi Nussbaum, Lille Noden and Deanne Sabeck, mugging for the camera

Let them eat cake! Our Queen and King for the evening.

Our reall Queen and King of the evening: Naimeh Tahna Woodward, director of the Encinitas Friends of the Arts and party planner par excellence with her wonderful husband Jonathan Woodward who MCed the evening with Irene.
Sexiest artist Angela Jackson as Bridget Bardot

Angela's best vamping shoes!


C'est la Vie French Bakery

Enjoy delicious cuisine by C'est la Vie. The cake and quiche company. Superb!

Cassies Crepes

Enjoy delectable cuisine by Cassies Crepes. Magnifique!

Isabelle Briens French Bakery Cafe 

Enjoy French pastry by Isabelle Brien's French Bakery Cafe. Delightful!

Rod Lingren demonstrated the art of plein air painting

Rod Lingren

Plein Air painter Rod Lingren will exhibit his beautiful paintings and landscapes.  

Janine Free

Janine Free sandwiched between Emmy Garnica and her friend Don

Janine Free's composite images displayed on multiple layers. This is real 3-d and not virtual.

French photographer Janine Free will exhibit her photography and Digital Art. 


Fern Street Circus

Experience French circus with stilt walking, Mime and juggling!

Encinitas Ballet

Can Can Dancers and Sayat Asatryan perform! 

Dragon Knights Stilt Theatre

The renowned French circus inspired company features their one-of-a-kind stilt walkers!

Arwen Daniels Dance Company

A modern twist on the Can Can dance!

Jessica Fichot Band

Live on the night

Los Angeles-based chanteuse/songwriter Jessica Fichot is a lot like her hometown of Paris: French at heart, but with a soul that's truly international. The evening ends with you on the dance floor!

Saturday July 23 at Encintias Community Center, 1140 Oakcreat Park Drive. 92024
Plus, Opportunity Drawings for Original Art, Jewelry, Gift Certificates and Collectibles.
Delicious French Wines, Beer and Beverages Available. 
More info 760-298-1708
A fundraiser for Encinitas arts and culture programs, and an arts center.