Sunday, October 23, 2011

A+ Art Blog: LONDON 2011 - PART TWO by Patricia Frischer

The link to this PDF
includes news of

  • Frieze Art Fair
  • Exhibitions at Tate Modern (Gerhand Richter top)
  • Degas at the Royal Academy
  • Frank Stella at the Haunch of Venizen
  • Raqib Shaw at White Cube (above bottom)
  • Grayson Perry at the British Museum
  • more news of the design shows at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Pipilotti Rist at the Hayward Gallery (above middle)
  • Turner Prize show at the Baltic in Gateshead

  • and much more totaling 12 illustrated pages of coverage of October 2011 in London and Newcastle

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed attending these exhibitions.
    Patricia Frischer, coordinator, SDVAN

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picked RAW Peeled - 2011 Art of Photography Show

by Angela Babb Timmons

Sometimes a moment just grips you. It lures you in and seduces you and makes your head feel all warm and dizzy like a good buzz from a strong martini. You feel alive, excited, tingly, almost giddy. Unexpected laughter slips from your lips, or a tear streaks down your cheek; your heart races, you flush with color. You’re weightless. You could float away and drift like a delicate feather. It’s intoxicating. Scary. Like falling in love, or locking eyes with a stranger, or feeling the zing of sugar when it first hits your tongue. It jolts you awake.

And with a burst of light and snap of the shutter, the moment is gone. Click goes the camera. And it vanishes. Yet captured forever. No words. No sound. Just raw emotion.

That’s what a photograph does to me. It latches onto my heart, pokes and prods and nudges, until I ache to know the rest of the story. Why is that delicate paw wrapped in a gauzy bandage? What lurks in the corner of that empty room, cold and desolate, filled with nothing but a rusted cash register? What tragedy befell that beautiful man with blue eyes and charred skin? Like a voyeur spying through a tiny peephole, a photograph gives only a small sliver of the story, a tasty crumb, delicious and addictive, and makes you crave more.

The 2011 Art of Photography Show runs through Sunday, October 23rd at the Lyceum Theatre.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily Art Nag for October 6, 2011: Gerhard Richter

from Reuters

Prized painter Richter calls art market "daft"

Gerhard Richter is one of the world's most prized living artists, and one of his famous "Candle" series is expected to fetch 6-9 million pounds ($9-14 million) at auction in London next week.

That is the highest price expected for a single work at the upcoming series of contemporary art sales, yet the man behind the image said he found such figures bewildering.

"It's just as absurd as the banking crisis," said the 79-year-old German, speaking to reporters on Tuesday at the press launch of a major retrospective of his work opening at London's Tate Modern.

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