Friday, April 19, 2013

Maximal: Palette 2 Palate

Many of you don’t know that I am a working artist. I make very complex detailed painting and sculptures with lots of color and details. I might aspire to make minimalist art, but that will have to wait for another life time.

For the promotions I do for SDVAN, I know that I get what I think is a good and simple idea, then somehow it always gets turned into a giant project with hundreds of moving parts and a large group of artist involved. In other words, what I do for SDVAN imitates what I do for my own art.

So for example, for the past few years we have been putting on Eat Your Art Out dinner parties. These are simple parties for no more than 12 people around a theme of the artist choice and a way to get artists and art patrons to move past the opening reception chit chat and have real conversations. Art Patrons in San Diego really love to meet real artists.

SDVAN’s tenth anniversary is this year and so 10 tables instead of one table seemed like a lovely idea. We teamed together with Synergy Art Foundation who put on a silent auction of small canvases to support their wonderful work for artists in need. So from a little acorn a giant tree is blooming on April 27th. About 30 artists will host over 60 patrons with themed table top d├ęcor and a gourmet 5 course meal. That will be followed by a dance, the auction of art by 120 more artists and even a boutique of food related craft items.

I think this will be a fabulous evening but I don’t know if people have any idea how much creativity it takes to put on such an evening. The committee for this project is now working full time to present the artists in the best possible light and to make sure that the public has the most amazing time. The artists have gone out of their way and over the top to out do each other and make us proud. They are creating work in honor of a pair of organizations that want nothing more than to help the general public value what they do.

The VIP dinner for this event sold out in the first month, which was immensely gratifying. We have no limit on tickets to the second part of the evening when the silent auction takes place and we can get down and dirty with Ruby and the Redhots.  So please join us to celebrate 10 years of prosperity in San Diego.  PALETTE TO PALATE  Sat April 27, 2013.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grey Murr and Joan Winte at Susan Street and Morgan Ervin at Martin McNabb

Too Late For Goodbyes by Morgan Ervin at Martin McNabb Contemporary Art (1990 Columbia Street, SD 92121) opening on  Thursday April 4 from 6 to 10 pm and running to May 31. More info: Pat McNabb Martin 619.546.5888

Evidently Morgan Ervin was too late for his own show at Martin McNabb. We understand that the work was not complete in time for the exhibition and some of the resin finished seem to be not to the highest standard. Having said that, I found the work engaging and attractive. This may be a artist who is trying to rush his fame and he needs to step back and slow down and build his audience. Technically he might need to improve but his composition, the strength of his message and the overall look of the work shows enormous potential. 

in White/unseen nature at Susan Street Fine Art Gallery opens on Thurs. April 4 from 6 to 9 pm with an artist presentation by Greg Murr (drawings, paintings and prints) and Joan Winte (cast resin sculpture). More info: Melissa Sager

Greg Murr has given us some beautifully rendered drawing of dogs with pearls and shadows and the feeling is cold and almost snowy which makes the two sculptures of Joan Winte fit right in with their frosted surfaces. The renderings are oddly static, caught in time even though the creatures are caught in ropes of jewelry they, don't seem to struggle or protest their presence. 

Joan Winte

Greg Murr

2012 SD Art Prize at the Athenaeum

 I was so proud and a bit astonished by the all new work that was displayed at the Athenaeum for the SD Art Prize exhibition. We showed these artist in September of 2012 and they have all managed to make new art this exhibition and show us a completely different body of work. 

Arline Fisch
 From Arline we see the most exquisite female saints and two angels, each one displayed on a gold leafed alter. They are all actually pendants and can be removed and worn with their chains. This is the first time for the showing of the first 12 from the alphabet and the final series will include all 24 letters. 
Vince Robles Dustress
These new works by Vince were made from particle board cut to reveal the inner texture and then arranged in a sort of geometric pattern. They were very pleasing to the eye and an unusual use of the material. I was particularly fond of the Dustress work which was a more than a decontructed push broom, it was, cut and reassembled and actually hung upside down in the show.
Vince Robles - dry wall detail

Jeffery Laudenslager

Jeffery Laudenslager installation view
 Jeffery is not only showing the sculptures we love and adore but also a new series of tulipmania inspired work which are digital image printed on canvas, some shaped. You can spend hours interpreting all the art figures that populate these spaces. I saw hints of Fontana, Tracy Ermin, and Jeff Koons to name just a tiny portion. On of the smaller of the Gasgoian figures sold at the Affordable Art Fair in New York last week for $1550. So they very large one here is a steal.
Deanne Sabeck
These new works by Deanne are astonishing when they create negative and positive shadows from the same image. The use of commercial glass shudders is so clever and allows you to manipulate the angles even if your position is static, but walking around the works for the first time was a joy as they are usually wall works. There were many that were impressive but the one in the stacks to the right when you walked in was a very small physical work but the reflection took up a large part of the wall and gave the work a huge presence.
Deanne Sabeck detail

Friday, April 12, 2013

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner helps celebrate 2012 Art Prize winners at La Jolla’s Athenaeum Music & Arts Library

By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
The San Diego Art Prize, funded by San Diego Visual Arts Network, is an annual award given to two established artists, who in turn, choose an emerging artist for the award. Selected works of the 2012 winners, established artists Jeffery Laudenslager and Arline Fisch and emerging artists Deanne Sabeck and Vincent Robles, are now on view through May 4, 2013 at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, 1008 Wall St. in La Jolla.
The Art Prize committee, including Patricia Frischer of SDVAN, Ann Berchtold of Art San Diego, art collector Debra Poteet and Executive Director of the Athenaeum, Erika Torri, chose the winners from a list of nominees presented by visual arts professionals and former Art Prize recipients.
At the opening reception April 5, a crowd gathered to admire the distinctive styles of the prize-winning artists. Jeffery Laudenslager, best known for his elegant, large-scale, kinetic sculptures, also showed an eyecatching array of his new “Tulip Mania” paintings, which reference the 17th-century Dutch trading of wildly overpriced tulip bulbs, comparable to soaring prices at art auctions today.
“My kinetic works have no story, but I thought since I was showing in a library, I should have a story,” Laudenslager said.
Deanne Sabeck’s glass sculptures charmed viewers with light and color, while Vincent Robles, a grad student in SDSU’s Furniture Department, offered cool, tongue-in-cheek riffs on furniture forms. And Arline Fisch not only attracted attention with a pair of crocheted silver breastplates and a row of saint-and-angel pendants, but also wore one of her dramatic chain necklaces to complete her display of wearable art.
Toward the end of the reception, Patricia Frischer stepped up to congratulate the prizewinners and announce the new recipients for 2013: established artists James Hubbell and Debby and Larry Kline, who will choose their own emerging artists later this year.
• What: San Diego Art Prize Exhibition
• Where: Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, 1008 Wall St., La Jolla
• When: Through May 4, 2013
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday
Closed Monday and Sunday to
• Contact: (858) 454-5872
• Website:
Lonnie Hewitt
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