Saturday, May 12, 2018

SD Art Prize 2017 at the Athenaeum and 2018 announcement

by Patricia Frischer

SD Art Prize Artist for 2017 and 2018 with some of their local art professional champions and the SD Art Prize Committee: (Left to Right) Mathew Rich, Victoria Fu and baby, Alexander Kohnke, Rizzhel Mae Javier, (back) Cy Kuchenbaker, Bob Matheny, Max Robert Daily, Debra Poteet, (front) Erin Dace Behling, Anne Mudge, Erika Torri, Ann Berchtold, Lynn Susholtz, Jacqueline Silver, Patricia Frischer (photo by Kaz Maslanka and Patricia Frischer)

San Diego Visual Arts Network  celebrates the fine art of Cy Kuckenbaker and Alexander Kohnke,   Victoria Fu / Matt Rich (FU/RICH) and Rizzhel Mae Javier  SD ART PRIZE recipients 2017. This is the  eleventh year of the prize which is at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library from May 12 to June 9 (1008 Wall St. La Jolla, 92037)  More 858.454.5872)

We are pleased to announce the support of the art professionals that are championing these artists in the 2017 SD Art Prize Catalog with their words of support: Julio Romero, artist for Rizzhel Mae Javier,  Deborah Klochko, Museum of Photographic Arts for Cy Kuckenbaker Hugh Davies, PhD, Director Emeritus, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for Alexander Kohnke  and Katie Clark, artist for Victoria Fu / Matt Rich

Rizzhel Mae Javier presents a card catalog of flip books, some of the drawers with additional sounds recordings. Each little story brings to life the use of this now low-tech way to find information. Javier says about this artwork, "This piece is part of my Move(meant) series, it’s the second Chapter called US. In my first series, I created flipbooks based off of my memories. For the library show, I interviewed 15 women of color and created a flipbook based on the memories they shared. Each of the drawers represents one of the very important women in my life that have empowered and inspired me to make the work that I do."

Close up of recording device and flip book
Cy Kuckenbaker created a small plaster  reproduction of a airline carrier. The carrier symbolizes the nuclear power of our society manned by the armed forces. A 3-D video image of regular people involved in daily activities is a reminder that we are all armed forces within society...and that the armed forces are all regular people.

Close up

underbelly of ship

A 3-D video image of regular people involved in daily activities is a reminder that we are all armed forces within society...and that the armed forces are all regular people. These people are actually moving around on the flight deck!

3-d glass for viewing Cy's video

 Victoria Fu / Matt Rich present photographic collages and fabric constructions whose images were generated in part by projecting Fu’s film stills onto Rich’s painted materials in the studio. The fabric compositions are functional riffs on aprons, a merging of these utilitarian and painting-like objects for both home and studio.

Alexander Kohnke  presented a series of  26 black and white portraits each with braille dots for each letter of the alphabet. This work is elegant and very professionally produced, intriguing, odd at the same time. Braille dots that are not raised but just printed can not be read by blind people, after all. The whole wall can be translated and it is the opening paragraph of T.C. Boyle’s novel “World’s End”

We announced at the opening reception of the 2017 artists,  the four artist recipients of the 2018 SD Art Prize. Each established artist has chosen an emerging artist to share the exhibition in 2019 at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla. Established artist Anne Mudge with emerging artist Erin Dace Behling and established artist Robert Matheny with emerging artist Max Robert Daily
Four local art professional are championing the 2019 artists: Lynn Susholtz, Art Produce for Anne Mudge, Jacqueline Silverman, director San Diego Art Institute for Erin Dace Behling, Dave Hampton, curator for Robert Matheny, Jill Dawsey, PhD, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for Max Robert Daily

Anne Mudge creates ethereal environments of complicated wire works that looked amazingly fragile but turned out to be as resilient as its creator. Tension wire and physics keep these very organic works afloat. Mudge says there are challenges and, "...magic moments of discovery." Erin Dace Behling shares geometry and repetition of form as elements in her furniture design. They are both creating landscapes because they are arranging biological components into a sort of scenery but Behling is using a wider variety of materials and her work are functional. She uses very familiar components but in unfamiliar ways.
Robert Matheny has played with every medium and combines strong conceptual art ideas with a tangible product which is almost never functional. He is a master trickster with a sense of humor of the cynical variety and the constant surprise of never knowing what he will do next.  His choice of Max Robert Daily makes so much sense once you know that Daily is a butcher and puppeteer and art installer by trade and the proprietor of Oslo sardine bar, really an art installation at Bread & Salt in Barrio Logan. For $25, you and three paying friends get tins of sardines, a couple beverages to rinse them back and, if you tip accordingly, god knows what else. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Seventeen on Being 17 at the Cannon Art Gallery

by Patricia Frischer

Christine Schwimmer - I wish the night would last forever
I love Cannon Gallery Art Exhibitions. I am a bit prejudice as I like Karen McGuire's taste in art and it and the Lux are my closest gallery spaces. But what I like most is how I seem to always discover new talent there. In this show about a teenage Prom, the hidden desires along with the frustrations of expectation of romance are explored.  Prince Charming was absent but his ghost did seem to haunt this show. 

I found the work of Christine Schwimmer  trended that wonderful line between visually appealing and emotionally challenging. I have chosen to feature four of her works here. I have included titles which strong clues as to why this are not simple fashion illustrations. 

Kathleen Kane-Murrell jump starts the party with a pattern like rendering of every little girls fantasy dress.  Julia San Roman surprised me with this group of bird related works...I have a friend with a newly adopted cockatoo and I more fully understand now the romance between bird and women so I could relate this work to the theme of the show. 

You wonder if  Maite Benito Agahnia haunting shadow figures even make it to the prom, while Theresa Vandenberg Donche's abstracts seem to capture the twirl of a skirt and the giddiness of the dance itself. 

Julia C R Gray dissects a ceramic corset and her deep cuts reveal painted agendas within. The wall flowerish Manuelita Brown figure tears at your heart. Let's let Christine Schwimmer  have the last word of most teenage girls...a little truth and a little delusion:  My Life's a mess, but I look pretty in this dress

Cannon Art Gallery (1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, 92011) presents Seventeen on Being 17 where seventeen female artists evoke and interpret being 17 years old through the great American Prom. In their work, the artists explore this girlhood rite of passage and all its uncertainty, excitement, doubt and hype. Featuring the work of Maite Benito Agahnia, Manuelita Brown, Diana Carey, Bronle Crosby, Susan Darnall, Ellen Dieter, Kaori Fukuyama, Julia C R Gray, Diane Hall, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Kathy McChesney, Lori Mitchell, Gillian Moss, Alison Haley Paul, Julia San Roman, Christine Schwimmer, Gail Titus, Theresa Vandenberg Donche, Brenda York. Showing until June 17.Free Gallery Hours Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm Sunday 1 - 5 pmMore info: Chase Dougherty 760-602-2021

Kathleen Kane-Murrell

Julia San Roman

Maite Benito Agahnia

Theresa Vandenberg Donche

Julia C R Gray

Manuelita Brown

Christine Schwimmer - I do feel like a Princess even though I should be a Prom Queen

Christine Schwimmer - My Life's a mess, but I look pretty in this dress

Christine Schwimmer - Teenage Dream be a Prom Queen

Children's Museum at 35: Brian Dick ageless

by Patricia Frischer

An artist creating for the New Children's Museum has to have the ability to let go and not only think like a child, but also release the urge for some sort of unreal perfection. The museum offers an opportunity to make authentic art, but at the same time that work has to last and be safe. The wear and tear of thousands of little fingers, exploring, tossing, building, sniffing and licking is part of the experience offered. 

The Mattress Room has returned to the New Children’s Museum (opening to the public on Sat May 12.) This project by Brian Dick (SD Art Prize recipient), No Rules Except….,  was first installed in 2008.  It is an homage to  Allan Kaprow who was so influential in steering the museum in the direction of fine art created and inspired installations.  Kaprow had worked with his son to create a jumble of used tires called Yard (1961) and a room full of pillow-fight ready cushions called No Rules, Except (2000) not shown at the museum but at a private sales Gallery. 

Dick honors Kaprow who was one of his teachers, by merging 175 pillows in the shapes of tires and 40 mattress with kid motif fitted sheets. What kids would not love to jump on a bed and throw relatively weightless tires like a ring toss?   They become superheros right before your eyes. 

Dick’s used lots of recycled materials but for safety all these mattress are brand new as are the hand designed tire trend printed pillows. These are branded Kaperofsky Callback and there is a recipe printed around the rim for bagels. Kaperofsky was Kaprow's Russian name and the bagel references a story about the hole in a bagel not symbolizing the meaning of life. Dick calls this his "collaboration with a ghost." 

This new installation commemorates both the museums 35th year in San Diego and its 10th year downtown. But the real commemoration if the life of Allan Kaprow and his mentorship of Brian Dick. 

The entrance has several hand sewn banners by Brian Dick which bring to mind his famous Mascot series. He has created fantasy mascot for a number of Museum around America. These stuffed pop art like images of tires at odd angles invite you to play. 

Brian Dick is finishing a teaching stint in Philadelphia before moving with his wife to another position at University of Texas.  He visits San Diego and Los Angeles often as he also has a home in both places. We are most grateful to the Children's Museum and private and public donors for bringing him back to SD at this time. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Encinitas Friends of the Arts Presents Passport to Brazil

By Patricia Frischer

Encinitas Friends of the Art presented Passport to Brazil on Sat. April 28 f at the Encinitas Community Center and it was like having a night in Rio. The room was transformed, the food was outstanding and the dancing was contagious.
Pictures by Patricia Frischer and John Campbell. 

Naimeh Tahna Woodward, the queen of Passport to Brazil. Her parties are not to be missed. .
One of the missions of EFA is to celebrate diversity through arts and culture at the same time as raising funds for much needed arts programs in the city. So a party like this is a win win for everybody. 

The MC for the evening was Brent Ringoot with a translation assist from  Ana Helena Silveira 
Mayor of Encinitas, Catherine Blakespeare made opening remarks and was a special guest.

Quill Cloud

Cajuina is a San Diego based band specializing in authentic Forró, Samba, Bossa Nova and Musica Popular Brasileira. Performers include Bahia-born Lucas Lima on guitar and vocals, Stefanie Schmitz on saxophone and clarinet, Emi Cara on percussion, and Ben Rempel on drums. They are best known for getting a high energy dance party started.

Pra Jogar Capoeire

Super Sonic Samba School plays traditional samba rhythms of Brazil, featuring live percussionists, singers and dancers. The school was founded in 1990 with the mission to spread the vibrant Brazilian culture through drum and dance.

Brazilian dancer Dina Bedenko also performed. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Energia Entertainment, producing and curating cultural events, and merging visual and performing arts.

The back ground for the performers was created by Patricia Frischer consisteing of four 7’ banners. The banners are an homage to major Brazilian artist, Tarsila do Amaral (1886–1973), who is known as the mother of contemporary art in that country with a style called tropical abstraction.

Artist Heather Gibb will display her exotic masks, which are hand-crafted from papier-mâché, and designed for theatre costumes. They are beautiful and functional artwork.

Painting by Aline Spellmeier 

Barrels & Branches Nursery as part of the shopping at the Brazilian marketplace

Delicious Brazilian-inspired food and drink was provided by Da Fazenda.
Attendees enjoy making Samba Shakers helped by some of the youngest volunteers.

Raffle tickets for 6 gift baskets full of goodies. How about the lucky one who won The Girl From Ipanema (Tropical Purse, Music CD, Brazilian Flag Pendant Necklace, Airbrush Tanning Session, Bikini Basic Sugaring Melt & Wax).