Monday, October 27, 2014

ARTS: A Reason to Survive

I was so pleased to finally visit the current home of ARTS: A reason to survive in National City. I had been to ARTS at NTC in Point Loma at Liberty Station but getting myself down south took a bit of effort, although not as much as I thought. Matt D'Arrigo is the co-founder and leader of this non-profit which helps young people to use the arts to heal from trauma and move forward in their lives. An organization like this needs lots of support from all directions. Showing off their new facility is an excellent way to achieve that and I was very impressed to see this very large and well organized plant set in a lovely garden in the middle of municipal buildings which are modern and clean and must be one of the prides of National City. 

In 2013, Inocente won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject Documentary featuring this charming young women who got her start at ARTS. This is so impressive but ARTS is very well structures to creates lots of success stories. Their donor board is arranged much like their mission: Visionary, Healer, Mentor, Empower, Inspire. 

My tour of ARTS was a very personal one by Destinee. After four years at ARTS as a student she is now a part time teacher. In her own voice from William Jennings Bryant, "Destinee is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.  It is not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved."  This appears on her own work in the hall of inspiration. 

I attended a little fundraising auction but go and see for yourself how this organization has grown and prospered and is a great model for other cities. It is now perfectly situated in the best location to serve our community.

My tour guide Destinee

Destinee's work in the hall of inspiration

Great pottery studio

Old TV waiting to be recycled in the materials lab

Lots of work from students from the Sweetwater High School

Library captures the wonderful new direction of ARTS

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