Monday, October 20, 2014

Oceanside Museum of Art October Auction

Oceanside Museum of Art Auction 2014
Bidding at OMA and online
704 Pier View Way , Oceanside , 92054 More info and reservations: Katie 760.435.3721

OMA under the direction of Daniel Foster has made incredible progress, increasing attendance, sponsorships and programming over the last year. The auction is a way for the public to support the museum and acquire works of art, some at bargain prices and others fiercely bid over their estimates. The evening was beautifully presented by Sandra Chanis and the staff of OMA with love, great food and drink and a really tasteful display of the art.

They experimented this year, not only with being able to see all the works online before the month long exhibition, but also with live online bidding at the event. There were pros and cons to this. We were not surprised that the works looked much better in person than online and hopefully that will prove to help the final totals for work sold after the gala. The online bidding process with no bid sheets next to the works, meant that for all silent auction works, you had to check your smart phone, wait for a text, or bring a tablet with you. There were wonderfully helpful assistants to aid in this process, but it was much harder to know if you were being outbid if you were not hooked up electronically. I have always liked to see frantic bidding at the last minutes to secure a favorite work and the alcohol served always seems to encourage higher bidding. None of that excitement was possible. 

But as an artist, I found it very relaxing not to have to worry if my works were bid on at all. The evening is a social occasion and one wants to talk with colleagues and friends and we certainly were able to do this and enjoy the hospitality of this wonderful north county museum. 

Wonderful center piece and good galore

Loved this asparagus decoration

Deanne Sabeck

Jeff Irwin

Jeffery Ladenslager

Michelle Kurtis Cole

Matt Devine

Matt Devine

Irene de Watteville

Dan Adams

Charles Snowden

Alison Renshaw

James Aitchson above and Patricia Frischer below

Cheryl Tall

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