Saturday, January 24, 2015

In the Studio at CCAC Escondido

In the Studio: Artist Dialogs  curated by Wendy Wilson
plus Contemporary Constructions: Matthew & Iris Strauss Family Foundation
 Showing until Feb 22 at California Center for the Arts Escondido Museum
340 N. Escondido Blvd Escondido, 92015 More info: Megan Thudium 760.839.4125

Getting a behind the scenes view of the art making process is always fascinating. We know there is new project to bring a video network to us called  The Artist Odyssey,
which intends to deliver premium art programming including this type of insight. Until that time, we have a special opportunity to see a set of local artist who have been gallery assistants or had the privilege of working in the studios of some of the masters of our time.  The gallery immediately draws you in with an assortment of interesting sculptures but you have to slow down and read to understand what is being presented.
This is a studio shot of the process in Sam Francis's studio that Raul Guerrero used to make the spiral drawing below

Under this stroud is a body cast of Raul made by Edward Kienholz

Here is the view of a tower of a house of card strung along the wall by Raul Guerro

Peter Phillip early work with Eleanor Antin

Eleanor Antin

David Rogers demonstrating his kinetic sculptures

David Rogers: close up looking down into a tiny intimate world

 Many of us have visited the Strauss home to see their impressive collection which now spreads across multiple properties in Rancho Santa Fe. But lifting the works out of the home and showing them in the superb white space of the CCAC in Escondido was like a breath of fresh air. The works seem to breath and expand. This is a visual treat and because the works are multi-dimensional they work very well with the other In the Studio exhibition. The museum looks wonderful and reminds us that this could be a premier space in the county. Escondido needs help to make this happen and hopefully, some sort of SD County Arts Council or the newly developed North County Arts Network could help them by adding collaborations with many more professional like those involved in this show. 

Fred Wilson

Raul Guerrero

Jean Lowe

Nelson Leirner
Chema Alvargonzales

Sam Taylor Wood

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  1. Thanks Patricia! I like walking through the exhibitions with college students. They want to know the 'perks' of being an artist (since the regular paycheck is not one of them.) It is a great time to share how art is made and the friendships and dialogs that take place during the life of an artist. The camaraderie and friendships that are formed during the art making process make up the documentation of our era. Hopefully the exhibition will show how these artist relationships help the individual artists to develop over time in their own practice and subject matter.