Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Looking Back/Forward at Art Produce/ Allied Craftsman at Sparks

by Patricia Frischer

Join Art Produce on Sat. May 14,  for a two month celebration (ending July 3) of the past 15 years of exhibits and the launch of new cultural activities and engagement opportunities for the neighborhood.  Looking Back/Forward is a retrospective group show of 25 local artists who have previously had solo exhibits at Art Produce (3139 University Ave, SD 92104). This includes many New Contemporaries artists (William Feeney, May-ling Martinez, Marisol Rendón, Anna Stump, Dave Ghilarducci,  Lee Puffer,  Nina Karavasiles) and Terri Hughes-Oelrich curator of the upcoming New Contemporaries exhibition at City College.  Watch for the new ChuckAlek Biergarten in the Urban Garden (Herman Street entrance.) More info: Lynn Susholtz  619-584-4448

Many of the artists below are in multiple shows in SD right now and I am heartened to see artists getting more and more exhibition opportunities. 

Three cheers for Lynn who has created a community art center which is a  wonderful art asset. It is gallery, restaurant ( Tostadas: fresh fruit and seafood bar), classroom, garden all in one. Wine in the front, beer in the back and even a shop for handmade goods and t-shirts. Here are just a few images from the show of the artists that have shown and supported her for the last 15 years in this space and more than 20 years in the community. 

 Lynn Susholtz
a community game

William Feeney  
a desk that vibrate making writing a challenge..notice the plunger feet.
William is one of our
2016 New Contemporaries artists and will show in June and July at City College Gallery

Dave Ghilarducci
another moving sculpture that waves at you with tiny acrylic hands


 May-ling Martinez

 Michelle Montjoy

 David White

ChuckAlek Biergarten Urban Garden at night, but it is just as delightful full of mothers and kids during the day

This image and below shows some of the careful detailed work in the development



Allied Craftsmen 2016 / A Group Show
May 13 until July 17
530 Sixth Ave, SD. 92101
More info: Sonya Sparks  619-696-1416 

This is always an interesting show. We don't know how artist are chosen for the Allied Craftsmen but not all the work is of the same high quality as the following which were our focus. The show was hard to see as it was mixed with other artists represented by Sparks Gallery and it was a very full space. On the up side there was probably something for everyone. 

Cheryl Tall's group of three ceramic sculptures

My favorite detail from Cheryl Tall

Vincent Nobles gives us exquisitely crafted laminated shapes.

Vincent Nobles

We adore Sasha Koozel Reibstein's jewel-like works. She is also one of the nominated artists for the SD Art Prize showing at City College as part of the 2016 New Contemporaries exhibition.

Arline Fisch - very simple but classic work by this county treasure.

Aren Dace Belhing is another artist showing in
2016 New Contemporaries

I will be watching for Dave Cuzick in the future as these were such  intriguing figures.

Jeff Irwin has his white sculptures on view but I really loved these two plates.

Jeff Irwin

I think it may just be me, but I am a sucker for this shape. I I congratulate Marlo de Casto

Shelia Moran created this mysterious little space for her raincoat man. I kinda want to be him unless he is a flasher.

Terri Hughes-Oelrich
is the curator of this show and this charming little collages on wood are her creations. Terri is also in the Looking Back/Forward show at Art Produce and she is the one of the curators of the 2016 New Contemporaries
I am adding mention of two bonus shows in the neighborhood of Art Produce. Sunny Side up at Art on 30th just opened and is surprisingly successful as the theme is simply the color yellow. The gallery seemed to glow with life. 

 Sunny Side Up 
May 14 to June 13
Art on 30th

4434 30th Street, SD 92116

Two of my favorite works were by Ellen Dieter especially this one with cheerful color but an ominous low sky, leaning utility pool and possible flying board. This is not a new work, but one that deserves extra attention. 

Ellen Dieter

Melinda Resendes (displaying Owen Burke) is the latest studio to open at Art on 30th. She is featuring work by other artists to begin but is working to come back into the art world with her own work.  She was previously a commercial saleswomen for a national chain of galleries. Melinda knows a thing or three about selling art and she will be a great addition to the space. Not too late to join this educational event for artists given by Stephen C. Wagner coming up on Wedn. Representation: Approaching Art Galleries with Studio Fine Artists Network
Wedn. May 18 from 7 to 9pm
$20 at the door
Art on 30th
4434 30th Street, SD 92116
More info: Stephen C. Wagner  415-518-6485

I want to give a shout out to 50 To Watch at The Studio Door (3750 30th Street, SD 92104) which we also visited. Their open studio event is coming up in September and Patric also gives marketing lessons to artists.
More info: Patric Stillman  619-255-4920
 This show had very nice report: To See or Not to See: '50 to Watch'  City Beat by Seth Combs 

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