Saturday, April 1, 2017

Performing Arts Five on Five: Innovative Happenings in the Arts: NCAN at New Village Arts

   Justin Hudnall, Kristen Fogle, Judy Bauerlein, Carolyn Grant,  Soroya Rowley( kneeling)

by Patricia Frischer

North County Arts Network Quarterly Meeting Performing Arts Five on Five: Innovative Happenings in the Arts was hosted on Wed, March 29th from 6 to 9 pm by Alex Goodman at New Village Arts (2787 State St. #B, Carlsbad, CA 92008)

The Five on Five format is an opportunity for NCAN attendees to hear concise, results- and replication-oriented presentations on innovations happening in the arts and culture field. It features five different moderators, each of whom will be allotted a strictly-limited five minutes to present a PowerPoint-based presentation.

We were honored to hear presentation by the following who are all dealing with social issues of concern to us all:

Judy Bauerlein, California State University San Marcos who told us about the innovation new programs for drama which include working with the homeless to portray their challenges. With only 40 students in this new department, they are making great progress in a non-traditional curriculum.

Kristen Fogle, Writers, Ink who helps folks to write their stories with a huge variety of programs. They even send writers into the community to write about them and to help them write their own stories

Justin Hudnall, So Say We All takes the writing of our lives to the next stage by helping people to speak their stories in a entertaining and confident way.

Soroya Rowley, Circle Circle Dot Dot has also taken her company into the community with a totally collaborative methodology to produce live theater. Their name"circle circle dot dot now you have a cootie shot..." is representative of the healing nature of their mission.

Carolyn Grant, Museum of Making Music have a short program that they hope to extend which works specifically with two groups: young women who are either at risk or recovery from sex trafficking and young people transitioning into the world from care facilities. Both are using music with a team of professional musicians to express themselves, gain confidence and learn how to be creative with a place in a team. 

We also heard about the next NCAN quarterly meeting which will be held July titled Flash Forward. Maria Mingalone and the Oceanside Museum of art will host a group of museum directors who will tell us about their plans for 2019 and beyond. Not to be missed so watch for more information. 

The Looking Glass project is now a joint project  between NCAN, San Diego Visual Arts Network and Encinitas Friends of the Arts. This is a public mural project. There should be more information about that at the next quarterly meeting.

Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts will be the keynote speaker at the NCAN Arts and Economic Summit to be help in October. Let NCAN know if you want to be involved in the preparations for that event.

Some lovely new business cards were distributed at the meeting to help members spread the word about NCAN. 

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