Sunday, March 25, 2018

Anne Mudge at Quint Projects

By Patricia Frischer

Anne Mudge: Matterings
 at Quint Projects (5171 Santa Fe Street, Suites H, B and A, SD, 92109) from Feb 10 to March 31. " In Matterings, Mudge slightly altered the title of Diane Gage’s poem because it speaks to the actions that knit skin to bone or dust mite to cosmos. Come see sculptures and documentation of Mudge’s process and view a satellite studio where she will work on a new piece during the course of the exhibition."

I walked into an ethereal environment of complicated wire works that looked amazingly  fragile but turned out to be as resilient as its creator. Anne Mudge does many public commissions, but this show with the majority of the sculptures made in the last 15 months, was made just for this exhibition and with none of the restrictions associated with commissioned work. .

Although the artworks appear very organic and biologically influenced, they rely on physics to keep them afloat. The triangular structure combined with tension wire demand great attention to keep them in balance. During the process of construction, Mudge says there are, "...magic moments of discovery." A work might need to change radically midway through the creation as problems occur and need to be resolved. But that is the basis of the joy one gets from rising to a challenge.

The lighting of this show was brilliant but hard to photograph. I have included some details of the work to give a better idea, but with just a week left, I suggest running to the this show before it closes. 

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