Thursday, July 26, 2018


by Patricia Frischer
Allison Wiese
(all photos by Patricia Frischer)

HIGH-KEY: COLOR IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA deserves to have some color in the text of this article. It will be showing through August 12 at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park.  You come down the wonderful staircase and see Allison Wiese's terrific art.  Who doesn't want a bit more pink in their and  built like a brick wall.

This show is geared to those who want to see good art, but maybe are not familiar with the role that color plays in the marketing of Southern California Art. Bright colors were not deemed to be very sophisticated in the art world right after the war. When Pop Art hit the news, all the commercial hues of common products entered the gallery space.  But it took Southern California's candy colored skies, water and flora to inspire local artist to break out of the sophisticated brown, black, and often muddy palate of abstract expressionism and shine some light from the sun. No longer were bright colors restricted to vacation homes in tropical climates. These color became acceptable in high art circles.  

Come see how these contemporary artist are carrying on this tradition in their own individual ways. Check my instagram to see some of the videos from the show. 

Exhibiting artists include many who have been part of the SD Art Prize including Claudia Cano, Max Daily, Victoria Fu, Han Nguyen, Matt Rich, and Allison Wiese

Max Robert Daily - this is a squished beach ball! 

Claudia Cano  - wonderful cleaning supplies from her Rosa alter ego above and below. 

Michael James Armstrong gives us the drama and intrigue of a Tyrell

Closer view, notice the fuzzy top half of the image and the subtle red near the floor. 

Matt Rich,  "art off the wall" work. 

We stopped for a quick visit to the innovations being created at the SDAI camp. 
I discovered a tiny art star in the making who produced a mini book. Watch in the future for Shaianne  Kedama and her Amazing Magical Book of Small Food 

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