Sunday, October 20, 2019

NTC Liberty Station Art Installations and That's What She Said

by Patricia Frischer

Art Installation at NTC Liberty Station
On the occasion of the WOW (Without Walls) performing arts festival, we took a stroll around Liberty Station to view the three relatively new art installations on view outside in the grounds of the promenades.

Michelle Montjoy  A Dime To Call Home, the newest Installations and is located near the Women's Art Museum.   This cement ad soft clothing  art work uses sculptural forms reminiscent of sea bags and nautical rope, A Dime to Call Home is a conversation about the shifts of identity, location and routine that recruits encounter when they enter the military, as well as the connection they have to their family, home and previous life. Located near Barracks 16 

Learn about the creative process by taking part in a looming activity on  November 1, 5-9 pm 5:00 – 9:00 PM in the Barracks 14/15 plaza.

Jason X. Lane. Tessellation #1, located behind the Dick Laub NTC Command Center, is a meditative monolith made from hand-cast tessellated concrete set within the shade of two magnolia trees.



Miki Iwasaki, Facetime by Woodbury University San Diego, School of Architecture faculty member.  Located near building 202 and offers a spot to sit, face to face and share some quality time.  There are three structures of pierced rusted steel. 

FIG and the Expressive Arts Institute presented That's What She Said...Artists Speak Out at the Martha Pace Swift Gallery from Oct 4 to Jan 10, 2020. This gallery is located in building 202 near Solare Restaurant.

The Feminist Image Group or FIG (like the illustrations in an art book, of the leaf that covered Adam's private parts, or just the delicious fruit) continues to come together to show work that is tied together by a female point of view. Of note is the collection of work by Cindy Zimmerman who recently showed at Art San Diego in a show curated by Vallo Riberto. Kathleen Michelle sculputre made with Spencer Little is also a show stopper with it multiple glass tits and built in sign that reads "Hey my eyes are up here".  Stop by and take a look as all the artist speak out and speak their minds.

Cindy Zimmerman

Kirsten Aaboe

Jennifer Spencer

Pasha Turley

Linda Litteral

Kathleen Mitchell with Spenser Little

Amanda Saint Claire

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