Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picked HONNA: Power of K

by Keikichi Honna

Kim Kardashian married.  That's old news.  My guess is that I have to suffer mass media's Kim K over saturation, at least for next 1 year or 2.  I can see koming headlines of tabloids at grocery stores.

Kim K Wedding!
Kim K Honeymoon!
Kim K Pregnant!
Kim K First Baby!
Kim K divorce!

A white guy being her husband is a kind of surprise.  But his name is Kris.  Maybe that's the sole reason she married him.  (her sisters - Kloe, Kourtney, Kendal, and Kylie.  Her mom is also Kris)

I didn't know K's attraktion was this strong.  But this klan is a disgrace of a whole kongregation of K's.

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