Sunday, September 30, 2012

Art of Photography 2012

The Art Of Photography 2012 Reception Sat. Sept 29 to Nov 11 Judge Julian Cox Curator at the de Young Museum, SF. Curator Presentation San Diego Art Institute Balboa Park, SD,. For info: Steven Churchill: 619.825.5575

The crowd was the biggest ever we have seen at a San Diego Art Institute reception and the energy was very high for this international show that was a selection of 104 photos from 17,000 entries, 3,700 photographers representing 33 countries.  Julian Cox from the Fine Art Museum of SF was the curator and enthusiastic supporter for this show. He pointed out how incredible the effort by Stephen Churchill, Lisa Smith and the whole team has been to build this into such a major world wide venue in just 10 years.

Churchill produces a wonderful catalog and works hard to make sure this is a quality product all around. Changes this year that I saw was a choice to include as many  images as possible for the space and thus the decision to make the format smaller. My feeling is that the image and artist determine the image size. Some need a small intimate scale that pulls you in, other need a grand stage to be fully expressed. In a juried show like this it is always a challenge to give the viewers some way into the art and several mini group selections were made that combined colors or subjects or even angles so that you paused to see the comparison of works near by. I had not seen that done as evidently before and found it rather charming.  There are 200 images on the online gallery well worth checking out.

The winner of the largest grant of $2000 was Aglae Cortes from Mexico. Ten thousands dollars in grants was awarded during the opening reception.

Julian Cox

Stephen Churchill
Aglae Cortes, Mexico, Process 1

Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa, Hungarian, Holofernes             Eran Gilat, Israeli, Untitled

Top: William godwin, American , Peppermint Shrimp in Vase Sponge
Bottom: Jeroen Berends, Dutch Eggs Frozen Right: Sandra Elkin, American, It Was Wishful Thinking of Her To Sauce It 

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