Picked Raw

PICKED RAW Get Some Art On! Fruit of the San Diego Art Community

Click the link above to see the events chosen for this month on San Diego Visual Arts Network. We choose a selection each month and invite you to see the event we choose and blog back about them in our Picked RAW Peeled blog.

Click the link above to see the reports on our Picked RAW events but you can also see

Daily Art Nag 
include art exhibitions currently on view to encourage you to see something new  

Daily Art Jab  are mainly  opinions of the writers on topics of controversy or just for the fun of it.  

Picked Ripe is a posting for a show that was finished when it was posted.

Picked Digital include reports, opinions, general information about the digital art field 

Branching Out
is a list of new art resources the current month on SDVAN

More information on Picked Raw can be found here.