Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tales from the Vinyl Dimension - John Purlia at Pannikin

Tales from the Vinyl Dimension - John Purlia.Portraits and Landscapes, New photos and videos.  Exhibit runs July 1 through 31 Opening reception Saturday, July 6, 5 to 7  Pannikin (7467 Girard Avenue, La Jolla 92037) More info: John Purlia 858.454.5453

I am so happy to see work by John Purlia on view. Ok, the venue is not the best way to display art, but he fills the café with charming portraits of his characters and there is a monitor with one of his videos playing, His animations are wacky and his still photos of scenes he sets up are nostalgic and strange. So the whole spaces takes on a surreal virtual reality vibe. The food is good, so treat yourself before July is over.
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