Sunday, August 25, 2013

ArtWalk @NTC Liberty Station

Thomas Hemlock at Art Walk

ArtWalk @NTC Liberty Station  is moving this year from the Bay to the promenade at NTC. It should be easier to park and you also have a chance to see the Talmadge Art Show on Sunday. Both are free. Sat/Sun Aug 24/25, 10 am – 5 pm( Ingram Plaza, 2640 Historic Decatur Rd, SD 92106) More info: Sandi Cottrell  619.615.1090

A beautiful August Sunday morning in sunny San Diego at the NTC Foundation in Liberty Station was an immensely easy and pleasant way to view art. There were over 100 artists, about 5 art associations on view with none of the parking problems of downtown SD. Plus we enjoyed  lovely trees with shade, lots of food booths or in our case, a visit to the new and extremely impressive Stones Brewery (yikes, they can serve 900!).  

There are another 30 gallery/studio spaces resident at all time at the NTC but we did not have time to see them as we choose to go to the Talmadge Art Fair held at the Activity Center on the same day. Although the Talmadge organized by Sharon Gorevitz is known for it jewelry, accessories, craft and clothing, the Art Walk had it share of jewelers this year as well as a few potters and many more glass artists than I remember from my last visits.  

Sandi Cottrell choose not to hold the Art Walk in the promenade area but it was very conveniently located and easy to see just off Historic Decatur Road. I would love to see more art organizations showing their members works undert the shady arches of the center promenades. But that will have to be for a future showing. Right now I belief that Art Walk at the NTC signals the coming of age of this art center, long in the making but now secured at least for the 55 years of the lease.

Emily Halpern at Art Walk

Jeff Yoeman at Art Walk

Julia Resor at Art Walk

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