Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Artist-in-residence / Dyon Scheijen at the San Diego Art Institute

The San Diego Art Institute offers much to local and regional artists – a great location to participate in juried exhibitions in Balboa Park, San Diego. The exhibition space is called the Museum of the Living Artist.

And artists can practice drawing and photographing models at ArtGym, not to mention discussing each other’s work at The Gathering

Dyon Scheijen painting at San Diego Art Institute
Now, Netherlands’ artist Dyon Scheijen is holding court as its artist-in-residence.

Scheijen is an abstract artist, echoing the large canvases and emotional connectiveness in Mark Rothko’s paintings.

The signature is on the side
What makes Scheijen’s approach interesting is that he engages the environmental space which he will fill with his paintings. Large spaces might require a layout with specific measurements. Other areas are more amenable to a more immediate layout. This is what Scheijen is finding with the space he is working with at the San Diego Art Institute. Read more at Scheijen's blog.

Scheijen is self-taught and has been engaged in his abstract painting approach since 1999.
Artist-in-residence:   Dyon Scheijen
Where:  San Diego Art Institute / 1439 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 / Balboa Park
When:   Continuing through September 11, 2013.  Daily Tuesday through Sunday,10am – 3 pm  and by appointment.
For more information, call:  Kerstin Robers at 619-236-0011

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