Saturday, January 24, 2015

North County Arts Network

North County Arts Network with Craig Watson CAC director is Thurs, Jan15, from 5-7 pm at the New School of Arts at Cal State University, San Marcos (333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, 92078) Reservations required: 760-750-4324. 

Craig Watson, Dave Roberts, Daniel Foster

The first 2015 meeting of NCAN  (North County Arts Network....I consider this an homage to SDVAN!) was held this month arranged by Daniel Foster from the Oceanside Museum of Art at the new School of Arts at Cal State University, San Marcos. The goal is to arrange collaborations through networking and share best practices. I think eventually it could be an advocacy group as well. 

Craig Watson, director of the California Arts Council was the key speaker and his budget has doubled to $10 million, still small potatoes as California is 44th down the list of state funding of the arts.  One important point he made was that we need a SD Arts Council that serves the whole county. It needs one person who wakes up every morning and thinks about what is good for the arts community and how the arts serve the county. It needs three supervisors to approve the county wide council in order to get funding from CA Arts Council. 

The funding is only about $20,000 from CAC but we have also been promised money and an office from Supervisors Vice Chairman Dave Roberts who was present at this presentation. If we can get two more supervisors to agree we could at least get a part time position started. But that might be a long way off as things move very, very slowly in politics. Hopefully in the north county, Supervisor Chairman Horn, who was also present, will hear from these people in NCAN that that is what they want. 

Mark your calendar for April 116, July 16 and Oct 15 for future events this year held in CA Center for the Arts Escondido, Lux Art Institute and Oceanside Museum of Art. Daniel Foster is spearheading this new organization with help from Jim Gilliam, Patricia Frischer, Naomi Nussbaum, Marilyn Huerta, Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Jerry Van Leeuwen, Reesey Shaw, Vincent Kitch, and Jerry Kern.


  1. This is encouraging news for San Diego county artists. How does NCAN envision utilizing these funds? How can artists participate in the conversation about how funds are used?

  2. Portia, there are no funds envisioned for the NCAN network. It is more about collaborations and best practices. But if we can get an arts admin position funded for a SD County Arts Council, then one of their duties will be to increase the slice of pie and not take funds away from any existing organization. If you go to the California Arts Council website you can see the opportunities for funding, but they offer nothing directly for an artist, only for non-profits that have programs that fit certain requirements. I hope that help explain things better.