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New Contemporaries VIII at Valencia Gallery, produced by San Diego Visual Arts Network

 By Vanessa Christie

New Contemporaries VIII at Valencia Gallery (Barracks 16 Suite 101 2730 Historic Decatur Rd SD 92106) Opening Reception: Fri. May 1, 6-9 pm and showing until Fri. May 29.Catalog VIII Final selection of work by Alessandra Moctezuma , SD Mesa College Art Gallery  More info: Aida Valencia 619 752-6118


Atara Baker nominated by Roxana Velásquez, Maruja, Baldwin Executive Director, San Diego Museum of Art
Claudia Cano
nominated by Bhavna Mehta, artist
Larry Edwin Caveney
nominated by Patricia Frischer, coordinator, San Diego Visual Arts Network
Andrea Chung
nominated by Kathryn Kanjo,
Chief Curator and Head of Curatorial, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Collective Magpie
nominated by Ann Berchtold,
founder Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair
scott b. davis
nominated by Philipp Scholz Rittermann,
Tom Demello
nominated by Joseph Huppert,
Prudence Horne nominated by Erika Torri,
Executive Director, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
Jim Hornung
nominated by Marianela de la Hoz,
Beliz Iristay
nominated by Debra Poteet,
Jessica McCambly nominated by Ben Strauss-Malcolm
Director, Quint Gallery
Marco Miranda
nominated by Aida Valencia,
founder, Valencia Gallery
Tim Murdoch
nominated by Constance Y. White,
former Art Program Manager, San Diego International Airport

Nominated by the SD Art Prize Notes writers and previous SD Art Prize recipients, the New Contemporaries are the emerging artists selected as contenders for the Emerging Artists for the Established Art Prize winners to mentor. Now at Valencia Gallery is a group show consisting of pieces by those emerging artists. Wendy Maruyama and Roy McMakin, this year’s Art Prize Established Artists, were selected by the SD Art Prize committee and again nominated , by previous years winners and writers for the SD Art Prize Notes.  They now have the difficult task of selecting which of the Emerging artists will exhibit alongside them although they are not obligated to choose from this group. 

These are artists exploring different subject which connect but also separate them, including themes of nature, artifice, political and society, real and imagined.

Here is a list of links to the artists websites:

 Please note: Vanessa Christie wrote about some of the artist but all the artists have statement and letters of support by their nominators which can be found at this link to the New Contemporaries Catalog VIII

Collective Magpie

MR Barnadas and Tae Hwang are Collective Magpie. Working with A Ship In The Woods, their work explores the meaning of space and time together with transit and migration. Their work exists in their perception and the idea of the safety of being suspended in time and place. Without beginnings there is no end, and no need to make choices beyond the momentary

Prudence Horne

Beliz Iristay (without the projection)

Beliz Irstay is another artist with an interest in the social rather than just the aesthetic. A multimedia artist from Turkey, Beliz uses traditional art forms such as ceramics and combines them with contemporary techniques. Currently living in Mexico her current project mixes ceramics and video in an innovative way to explore the Cundina in which women in Mexico gather to collect money. A cross-class social form the Cundina collects this money for projects, charity, and the needs of individual members.

Beliz Iristay, details

Tom Demello

Tim Murdoch
Tim Murdoch uses sculpture and installation making use of natural material such as wood and reclaimed unnatural material such as electronics. Exploring the relationship of human to their environment his work contains traces of absurdist humor. Recent work makes use of tree like natural forms made form artificial materials. Having moved to San Diego from Boston, recent work features mirrors to mimic water which distorts realism to show what may be closer to truth than strict representation but is also dependent on perception. 

Claudia Cano,
Claudia Cano is an artist with multiple personalities: Rosa Hernandez. La Chacha (the cleaning lady), La cocinera (the cooking lady), La Rica (The wealthy Lady), La Jardinera (the gardener). Her work explores the gap between rich and poor, haves and have-nots; and the reality that the people who work the hardest in economically stratified societies are often the least visible.  Like all big cities San Diego is full of laborers who work long hours for low pay, and in cases of wage theft, for no pay.  The perpetrators of this form of human rights violation often escaping any repercussions.

Andrea Chung,
Like Claudia Cano and Beliz Irstay, Andrea Chung is an artist with an interest in the social and political world. She is an installation artist exploring the relationships of materials, locations and culture. Like Claudia Cano she is interested in the relationship of labor to the disenfranchised and Focuses on island nations, such as in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean and the descendents of these peoples. In casting her work, she makes use of laborious processes in an effort to call attention to the often misappropriated labor of the under classes.

Atara Baker
 Atara Baker is a mixed media artist born in Israel. She has studied with several prominent artists including; sculptor Emilio Greco, Bill Ainslie, Noel Bisseker, and Gary Hansmann. Her multi-layered work embraces her life experiences as she has lived several countries.  They attempts to bridge the gaps between diverse cultures and the use of color and pattern in primitive societies, such as the San people of the Kalahari desert. Her piece reflects her interest in surface material and the contrast between a primitive appearance and the sophistication of the modern artist.

scott b. davis

Jim Hornung
Jim Hornung is a sculptor who creates work inspired by reality but not limited to the strictly representational.  In some senses, his work is a reflection of the abstraction often present in modern art, but retaining an interest in the natural rather than the artificial world.  He uses old techniques of welding to coat his work in 22 carat yellow gold and 12 carat white gold. His piece for New Contemporaries is one of his fertility symbols utilizing spores and deer horn to create an object that looks both aggressive and otherworldly.

Jessica McCambly
Jessica McCambly earned an M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from the University of North Texas, College of Visual Arts and Design.  She uses painting, drawing, sculpture and installation to explore beauty, emotion, and nuance.  Her work uses the perception of the minimal to explore the larger world. A multitalented artist skilled in the use of painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, her work draws from but is not limited to the representation of the natural world. Much of her work including the New Contemporary pieces, makes use of the circle.

Larry Edwin Caveney

Larry Caveney is also interested in iconography and the detritus of the modern. He utilizes color and abstraction to reveal his perception of his audiences’ instincts. A painter with several series exploring such diverse subjects as Great Sports Figures, Carnival Folks, Writers, Nudes, Guys who talk to God and wear big Hats!, among others.  Unlike many artists he makes use of social media such as Facebook to circumvent the traditional distance between artist and audience.
Marco Miranda

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