Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kelsey Brookes Psychedelic Space at Quint Gallery

September 5-26 
Quint Gallery

7547 Girard Avenue, La Jolla 92037
More info: Nina Makos  

Kelsey Brookes is a Denver transplant to San Diego. He  was a molecular biologist and is now into mediation.  Mark Quint has been showing his work for some time and it is always fun to see what Brookes is up to. This show is no exception. As I walked through it was eye candy for sure, but at the rear of the gallery was this amazing blue pulsing circle that just zaps you.  Maybe it is the after affect of the other works, but this one blue me away! No drugs are needed to send you into orbit in this psychedelic space. Go in and trip out. 


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