Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Women's Work: Masculinity and Gender in Contemporary Fiber Art at SDAI

By Patricia Frischer
Oct 2 to Nov 14, 2015
San Diego Art Institute

1439 El Prado, SD 92101
More info: Marina Grize 619-236-0011

 Women's Work at RB Stevenson is a collection of women artist working in San Diego.   This one at SDAI is fiber art categorized as women’s work but really showing how fiber art is no longer gender specific to women. Many of the artists in the show are men. The subject of the works does not seem to be all masculine or all feminine, but instead very individual to the artist creating it. They all make use of fiber in some way and that is what holds the show together.  SDAi continues to use this precious space in Balboa Park to showcase dynamic art with a fresh view of the world. 

Sheena Rae Dowling - panty hose sewn together and stretched to the max

Katya Usvetsky - reminds me of Eva Hess. Simple and potent.

Don Porcella - Naked Beekeeper with split personality - pipe cleaners taken to the nth degree

Don Porcella - detail split personality

Don Porcella - Proboscic. Larry Baza says and I agree that these have to be seen to know their true power and presence.
Ashley Gibbons: look close, these are bikini panties. I liked this one best, but there is an all white and all black one as well.

James Gilbert - I liked the design of these pink sandbags with their elegant wood supports.
Robert Dupree - who doesn't like a picture of a naked man in an apron

Nathan Vincent: Don't Make me count to three - crochetted bundles of dynamite and detonator...kaboom!

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