Friday, October 16, 2015

Latinidad at Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance

By Patricia Frischer

Oct.16-17. Fri 2-7 PM & Sat 10-4 and by appointment
Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance
RSVP and directions:

The night was warm and the music hot, the food delicious and the art divine. 

The first piece that greets you on entry to the lovely estate in Rancho Santa Fe is a boat reminiscent of a Robert Roschenburg combine by Silfredo La O Vigo. The title  Please don't shoot  is an instant connection to the story of Silfredo's arrival from Cuba to the USA.  

All the works are by Latino artists but the show is as varied as the experiences of it's artists. This is only a selection of the works on view, so do make an effort and email for an appointment in October. Watch for the Sergott booth at Art San Diego. 

Silfredo La O Vigo. Please Don't Shoot, 2015
Closer view of these painted tires and bits of wood lashed together for survival

Silfredo La O Vigo. This collages work depicts figures in back of a chain fence.

Omar Pimienta presents a series of boxed framed Passports to Freedom

Oma Pimienta close up view

Claudia Cano is starting a new series of explorations of fabric including shawls and table clothes.

Claudia Cano is exploring complex pattern and textures, but her over riding theme is the dignity of labor and the importance of each stitch made.
Tania Alcala's long thin painting on a stand with it's resin finish almost reads as a sculpture.

An amazing work by Marianela de la Hoz whose impeccable technique never overwhelms her message.

Marianela de la Hoz detail

These massive new works by Becky Guttin are evidently light as a feather, but they have the look of heavy metal. This is not really a departure for this talented artist, but a continuation of an exploration of materials that are often discards.

Becky Guttin

What a delight to see these fresh work by Becky Guttin's father Raphael Mareyna. We understand he took up painting later in life and  now works side by side with his daughter.

Vladamir Martinez Avila is one of Tom Sergott discoveries from a recent trip to  Cuba.  He brought the works back unframed and they are now  honored by their frames so that the richness is celebrated. .

Finally a small work which combines hand stamped leather, wood burning and stitchery, all traditional Mexican crafts. This artist Tanya Herrera from Costa Rica.

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