Sunday, November 15, 2015

Convergence at Cabrillo Memorial Park by A Ship in the Woods.

By Patricia Frischer

Convergence curated by Lianne Muella is a A Ship In The Woods project  Sat. Nov 14 , 4 to 11 Nov 29th. There is a very exciting line up of 47 artist who will speak to issues of ecology and environmental sustainability as well as historical relevance and cultural significance of the people that have lived in and around Cabrillo.(1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr , San Diego, CA 92106) More info: Lianne Mueller 619.557.5450

There was a tree filled with wind chimes,, a light installations, video projections on the lighthouse, interactive works, a rock garden installation, experimental sound pieces inside old military bunkers on the site, dance performances, garden enhancements, pottery breaking, butterfly surrealism.

There is a vague map and a list of artist available, but it was really a treasure hunt and we only managed to see about a dozen pieces. The photo images below where mainly taken in the dark. My apologies for the works without name was hard to find the tags in the dark and the shots are more of a touch stone to what we saw instead of a description. 

Lianne Mueller spent her own money to curate this ambition gathering. She had to deal with the challenges (on going) of showing in a national memorial park. The installation work is only up for a very few weeks and much of the show was performance as well as site specific. This is a true convergence of efforts of so many artists and A Ship in the Woods to bring the public a gift of art just in time for Thanksgiving. 

P.S. We had never been to Cabrillo and it was a stunning view of bay, skyline and ocean especially as the night lights started to glow. 

Ryan Bulis

Composite images by Hugo Crosthwaite

Xuchi Naungayan shares her smashing pots and I was able to release the stress of the day with my own participation.

Allison Wiese reads aloud with the glow of a lamp by her side.

Harrell Fletcher

TML Dunn uses a strobe to give us a tiny house with burning flames

Becky Guttin giant charm bracelet is just one of many pieces she placed in a small side garden.

Neil Kendricks's projection on the side of the light house

Jeff Ray's minature bridge

Rubin Ochoa

Here is the photo taken at night of this projection on the ground, but below I have made a sample of what we really saw. The camera eliminates the  perspective like a chalk drawing that is only seen in perspective when the image is photographed


  1. We happened on this by accident - a rather late arrival to walk and see sunset at the Cabrillo National Monument - and it was like a treasure hunt with all kinds of art, artifacts, performances, surprises appearing around every bend. What a treat!

  2. Susan, we are so happy you got a chance to see this project. It was up for a far too short time. Please do make sure that you join the SDVAN mailing list so you get notice of all these wonderful events.