Saturday, December 19, 2015

Developing our awareness - Robert Pendleton at Poway Art Center

Developing Light: Robert Pendleton
Reception Sat. Dec 19, 1 to 3
Twenty 20 Gallery at Poway Art Center
15498 Espola Rd , Poway 92064
More info: Rob Pendleton 760-212-4077 

Traditional photographs capture a moment in time. They shine the light of stop action for this one second. With the best photographers we find the ordinary converted to something much more. By adding qualities to the original images, Rob Pendleton has managed to make the images in this show all become more intense and sharpened our awareness of the world around us.  

Of course, my poor reproductions of this work do not do it justice. The works are perfectly presented, many mounted on acrylic giving those jeweled tones and clarity of detail or printed on canvas. Go and see it for yourself. 

This tree has upper branches that have a silver glow, reflecting the many layers of the images into one very complex composition

Subtle little touches of color remind one of when film was left too long in the camera before development. You got some accidental flashes red, blue, green.

This is an image of a plain  wall at the side of a Wendy's fast food restaurant. But look closely at the flowers in the lower right corner and below.  There are details of intense color throughout the cracks and stains

This scene from Stockholm looks surreal.

I stood in front of this image and imagined living in this charming community where pastel colors replaces harsh realities

Titled Escher's Place, you have no idea which was is up or down and what you are looking at, but that is the challenge of contemporary art: making you wonder

I simply enjoyed this selection of textures and colors which were so lush.
This final pick is my husband's . It is simple and rich and could be a landscape with very sparse growth, but you don't really know if it that or a closeup of a finger on a couch. All the upstairs works on display were more abstract but no less intriguing.

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