Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dictators Rule! (Until They Don’t) at basileIE / CM Curatorial

By Patricia Frischer

Dictators Rule! (Until They Don’t)

basileIE / CM Curatorial 
 2070 Logan Ave., SD , 92113
Showing until Oct 9, 2016
More info:Chris Martino 858-361-9052

The Power and Peril of Autocratic Thinking. A satirical, pop-inspired take down of old (and new) school despots. Strong Men. Weak Hearts. Artists: C.Martino + Paul Basile

Martino and Basile are the new kids on this block but both have had galleries, Chris Martino at Project X in Solano Beach and Basile on Island in downtown SD. These interconnected spaces will be curated by Martino, but this first show is personal with both directors showing as artists. 

Outside view

Inside view, side by side photos of both spaces.

Chris Martino has given us an array of collaged images and carried the collage to three dimensions with a series of assemblages. All leaders are fair game in this collection of works

Stencil created, spray painted images on canvas


 Paul Basile is presenting work generally influenced by his slick furniture aesthetic. His gun theme works well with the dictator theme, so the shows which are quite different, strangely compliment each other

Tiny little diorama all sitting on a bomb box

Guns crates with lids, stenciled with the title of the works

Looking down on an open crate, topped with glass, with a scattering of bullets and illuminated inside. Mirrors make them into infinity spaces. 

Another crate from above, this one with guns
A bit worrying to find a infra red target on your neck especially in a show of guns

Darwin showing us the source of the target/gun

Another series of closed crates have viewer and here is a shot of the light contents

Another more worrying view down the barrel of a gun.

And now for something a bit more gay...a Tiki Bar with a dj soundboard and candle lit back garden with a series of alters.
  Here is a bonus image from a gallery at the other end end of Logan Avenue at La Bodega where they were holding their annual Frida Kahlo exhibition:

Joshua Roman, "Light Within" sold by $475, one of many works with red dots

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