Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sergott Contemporary is starting its fifth year

Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance (SCAA) (Rancho Santa Fe) celebrates the beginning of Five Years with an Anniversary Exhibition from Sept 9 to Nov 9.  To commemorate this occasion, the exhibition features a selection of new works by sixteen artists who have exhibited at SCAA as well as two new artists. Erin Dace Behling and Robert Michael Jones both New Contemporaries for 2016. Other SD Art Prize artist include:  De La Torre Brothers, Belize Iristay, Jeffrey Laudenslager, and Deanne Sabeck. The opening reception is Fri, Sept 9 from 6 - 9pm with a performance by Amigos del Rep at 7:30pm. More info: 858.756.2377

A huge crowd turned out for this coming of age celebration for Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance. It was nice to see the support from the community with several newcomers lured finally by the longevity of Tom Sergott efforts to support mainly local artists in the San Diego area. 

This was a party as well as an education. The art was hung beautifully with space to honor the selected works. There were just a representation of some of those who have shown for the past four years in the Rancho Santa Fe space as well as featured in numerous national contemporary art fairs.  We were treated to fun food, wine and special cocktails during the networking early stage of the evening. There was  time to catch up with friends and colleague. We should never under estimate the importance of these valuable time to connect in our community. Great thanks goes to Tom and Anne Sergott  for giving us that opportunity. 

Two special presentation of dance evoking the anguish of those crossing the border was followed by two more letters from the border, a carry on from those read at the last opening (Neo-Kitsch: A New Old Latin America at Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance). 

After the performing arts part of the event, we were treated to short presentations by many of the artist in the exhibition who were in attendance. The open arrangement of the gallery allowed for a large group to be able to follow this walk through. Learning more about the artists and their work is an essential part of feeling comfortable admiring and hopefully obtaining these creations. We were especially glad to hear from new artists we had not met as well of many who have been recipients of the SD Art Prize or included in the New Contemporaries series of exhibitions produced by SD Visual Arts Network.

Show entry

Dia Bassett with her art

Dia Bassett "Matters of the Heart"

Erin Dace Behling: hard and hard stool

Erin Dace Behling was asked if her work is functional and she very intriguingly commented on  how tables are used to bring us together and to separate us

Erin Dace Behling

Fred Ploeger

Jee Yoon: very delicate works made from paper and displayed in plexiglas boxes
Jieia Rufeh: her mother also is in this show and it was interesting to compare their works

de la Torre detail which is the only way to photograph this light  box of  three-d images

de la Torre brothers also displayed some of their glass works.

Jeanne Dunne "Garden of Delights" inspired by getting lost during a trip to France

Jeanne Dunn with her work

Emily Halpern with her  painting that emerged from her sub conscious with partial plane images, perhaps because of all the war news we are now bombarded with currently.

Heidi Rufeh speaking about her art with Ralyn Wolfsten in rapt attention beside her

Heidi Rufeh
Joseph Caroff is Tom Sergott's first artist and this image actually comes off the page.

Echo Lew

Deanne Sabeck with a work that changes as you move around it and is able to move itself into numerous positions.
Belize Iristay and her "Valise" which is a brick covered with Turkish designs which have been glazed.....added handle is real making this a mixed media work.

Robert Michael Jones outside with his large monkey on a cycle sculpture.  You can see more of his work at the blog:

New Contemporaries at City College: Emerging Artist nominated for SD Art Prize

The following is a taste of the dance performance in the gallery space"  

 "We all have stories of where we came from and where we want to go. Letters from the Wall  is an ongoing series of vignettes based on  actual letters and real life stories of those affected by the United States/Mexico international border wall, immigration, deportation and  separation. Originally written as a bi-national theatrical event by Dave Rivas, it was first performed on both sides of the border wall in San  Ysidro, California and Playas, Tijuana, Mexico, with actors performing simultaneously on the United States and Mexico side in English and  Spanish. Each “letter” is woven together from the true stories, letters, emails, and even bedtime stories that Rivas has collected.  And more content is being added all the time as –with each performance—audience members share their own stories or experiences.  It is an ever growing and changing series that seeks to address the human experience in pursuit of a better life."

The two stories in tonight's performance high lighted the work done by Border Angels, founded by Enrique Morones in 1986.  this is a non-profit organization supporting humanity. The organization consists of extraordinary volunteers who want to stop unnecessary deaths of individuals traveling through the Imperial Valley desert areas and the mountain areas surrounding San Diego County, as well as the areas located around the United States and Mexican border.

The first story was read and acted out about a family split up during the struggle through rain and mud to cross the border. The young daughter wore the only pair of shoes while the son had to make do with bits of carpet strapped to his feet. These weighed him down and even his father could not drag him the last few step to safety. The father died from injuries suffered during their quest, only the son was able eventually to see his sister for three minutes when the gates were briefly opened for them to re-unite before he, too, died. The second story was an homage to the 10,000 who have died crossing the border who have been buried as John or Jane Doe back over the border in Mexico. Many, many more deaths have occurred since the wall was built although the number of illegal crossings has not changed much. We live so close to this distressing situation which can only be stopped when the politics have been played out. 

Border Angels brings families together at Friendship Park by City Beat by Alex Zaragoza tells more and has a real video of the opening of the door and three minute visits.

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