Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance presents Namaste

By Patricia Frischer

Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance presents Namaste. An exhibition exploring various approaches to religion, spirituality, and the discarnate.  Showing until Jan 6, 2017 By appointment click for directions 

I had to look up discarnate and can now add it to my word of the day list. It means not having a body. But this show is a body of work that does hold together, not just because of the theme but also because visually it is pleasing. I think that happens when color are harmonious and designs flow from one work to the next in a smooth way. 

For me, Nameste, which is a Hindu greeting,  means I hope that the light from my body meet  the light from your body.  We are in such stressful times, with family and friends divided politically, and this is one greeting which seems appropriate as a healing gesture. 

Tom and Ann Sergott obviously appreciating a spirituality of an intimate nature

Leah and Stan Goldberg

Ingrid Croce

de la Torre brothers glass sculpture

Belize Iristay

Anna Stump peaceful incarnate

a mandala by Lyssa Kayra

Gary Walker with a primitive blessing.

Rob Pendleton words to live by or not

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