Sunday, March 26, 2017

Michelle Montjoy at OMA

by Patricia Frischer

Oceanside artist Michelle Montjoy and Oceanside Museum of Art  were selected as one of five recipients of a Creative Catalyst grant from the San Diego Foundation in 2016. 

"Her exhibition River is the re-imagining of traditional techniques and attitudes of knitting into a contemporary role that connects communities through comfort, inspiration and empowerment. Over a six month period hundreds of community members contributed to the project by knitting with used t-shirt material on large, handbuilt table top looms. These resulting abstract fabric forms embrace the connection, fluidity, and vitality of the many hands of the community involved. Not nostalgic or sentimental, the artwork is a translation of domestic form to cultural object. It is a retro-revolutionary approach to engagement and art making."

Each person while participating is documented and video recording are on view of the whole process. All the energy of creation is thus caught, one stitch and one moment at a time to make these shapes become more than a sculptural objects, really a true focus of spirit.  

River is funded by a grant from the Creative Catalyst Fund of The San Diego Foundation. Montjoy is also the current artist in residence at Art Produce Gallery and Garden in North Park and is one of the 13 emerging artists (10 of which are women) nominated for the SD Art Prize. Her work will be shown at  at basileIE + CMCuratorial from Sat June 3 to Aug 5. Her show at OMA opening March 25 and is showing until July 9th. 

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