Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sherry, Muse, Collusion and Handbags - June Round-UP

by Patricia Frischer

Oh my, there are so many good exhibitions on right now  and it was hard to limit myself to just these four plus the New Contemporaries exhibition in Barrio Logan at cmcuritorial/basileIE. 

Madeline Sherry is showing new works at the Symbologist Gallery (2060 Logan Ave, SD 92113) from June 10 to July 28. More info: Kaarin Vaughn 619-693-5004

Make sure you look closely at the backgrounds of these works as there are little interventions by Ms. Sherry from current or imagined events that make these less nostalgic and more challenging images.  

The artist in front of her self portrait

Nine San Diego County museums, all members of the San Diego Museum Council (SDMC), have been paired with local artists to create mural concepts inspired by each museum’s mission and vision. The artists’ works will be revealed at a new exhibition entitled Muse: San Diego Museum Murals, which will be on display at the La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan June 17-30. The SDMC generated this creative concept in an effort to bring the museum community together in an authentic way broadens the scope of artist showing in Barrio Logan. 

We applaud the SD (County) Museum Council for their first supported show. The exhibition was curated by Danielle Derry and some of the following artist were particularly stimulating. 

Duke Windsor who works at the Midway and is also an independent artist was particularly skillful in his rendition of the mission, history and vision. of the Midway Museum 

Evgeniya Golik's diverse depiction of multiple race was imminently suitable the New Americans Museum

Dennise Wolf brought a contemporary treatment to honor the military, which is a large part of the Coronado Museum of History and Art

Mike Maxwell surprised and delighted us with the eye images branching out into the surrounding committee. We know how hard the Museum of  Photographic Arts has been working to involve new audiences at its Balboa Park location. 

Celeste Byers obviously had fun with the Museum of Natural History with a work that most children would enjoy. 

Neil Brooks is very familiar with Oceanside and this is a well composed and painted image that I truly enjoyed. But I wish it had addressed the role of the Oceanside Museum  of Art, which was the remit of this project. 

Extra-Ordinary Collusion is on view through July 2 at San Diego Art Institute, 1439 El Prado, Balboa Park. Hours: 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Tuesday-Saturday; noon to 5 p. m. Sunday, Admission: Free-$5. Discussion artist/scientist teams, 6-8 p. m. June 28. More info: 619.236.0011.

I am not even going to try to explain the relationship and subjects of all these collaborations between artists and scientist. Works about cancer and aging were prevalent. Some of the artists developed a great connection and collaboration. others were truly just inspired by the research of the scientists. But the quality of the artists chosen to participate was so high, that the show is a winner. I take pride in knowing that almost all of these artists have been either SD Art Prize recipients or included in our New Contemporaries annual exhibitions. 

Shinpei Takeda (SD Art Prize recipient)

Thomas DeMello: Amazing use of the sky light at SDAI which have never been utilized before in my experience (New Contemporaries)

Sasha Koozel Reibstein is even better in this larger work. (New Contemporaries artist)

Jamex and Einar de la Torre never disappoint and this large lenticular work is stunning. (Art Prize recipients)

Hugo Crosthwaite goes to the wall

Crosthwaite detail

Vicki Walsh (New Contemporaries)

Marisol Rendon presented one of my favorite works. It came off the wall and was related to the pinching process of the research. See the details below (New Contemporaries)

David Forbes gave us this work installed in a corner. As you moved left and right (see details below) the shapes changed.  (New Contemporaries)

Irma Sofia Poeter is a real star and I was so lucky to discover her only this year. This tapestry is so much more than a quilt and that is chiefly as she is able to imbue all her work with layers of meaning. (San Diego Art Prize recipient)

This and the next work sadly did not survive by photography documentation so I don't know the name of the artist. So if someone sees this and can identify the artist it would be much appreciated. 

Debbie and Larry Kline set up a relaxing lounge space which gave you time to study this work which records where visitors to the exhibition circulated when they viewed the works. (San Diego Art Prize recipients)

Iana Quesnell did the deepest research into her scientist as evidenced by the huge stack of document that made part of her display. (San Diego Art Prize recipient)

Women’s Museum of California (2730 Historic Decatur Road)  - One Hundred Years of One Hundred Handbags, on view through July 2, 2017. 

This is a journey through the most elaborate special occasion handbags from the Jean Nemer collection. There are no every day purses here, but just glorious high fashion items, mostly too small to carry anything but the bare necessities. But surprisingly still big enough for a cell phone.

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