Sunday, July 30, 2017

Person, Place or Thing: Patric Stillman at Studio Door July, 2017

Patric Stillman is a self taught artist working mainly figuratively who is fearless. He not only is the owner and director of Studio Door, he curates show and arranges classes for artists to help with their professional development, has supplied a place for artist to work and paint/create.  He is, thus, a touring figure himself.  For this show he is working with the black and white palette of film noir. You get a double punch of illusion;  that which is created by the paint tones and shapes and the references and the multimedia installation which contains moving images.

This series of images is very personal, a young man’s journey into gay adulthood. Many of Stillman’s generation of role models, died of aids.  But as a very social creature, he hopes that some of his creations can speak to a new generation. These are stories can be interpreted by the viewers as they wish. Stillman is always thinking of others and it might be the bases of the second part of this display. The Brotherhood Taro is a masculine themed deck that has been digitally enhanced to combine fantasy characters and landscapes. Taro decks of cards are for sale as are larger individual versions of the images.

Next for Patric Stillman is a show of Galleriest in San Diego who are also artists and who will be giving back to the community with consultations for emerging artists. Stillman is also curating the New Contemporaries exhibition at the re-located Art San Diego in Del Mar at the end of September. These are the emerging artists nominated for the SD Art Prize in 2017.

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