Friday, April 20, 2018

Gabrielle Bakker and David Adey at Lux Institute

By Patricia Frischer

Gabrielle Bakker arrived from Seattle to work with only a month to complete a work of art measuring 36 by 40 inches as part of the artist residency program at Lux  Art Institute. She usually works extremely slowly, completing a painting only after many many revisions. She is painstaking in her attention to a realistic style which combines many genres of art. So she had to do many many studies to resolve issues of composition, color and light so that  this work could be resolved in the time frame. once she arrived.  If you visit Lux you will see all the working drawing that she brought with her as well as the progress on this new work

Bakker has used oil paint sometimes mixed it with egg tempera and has taught herself about gold leafing and framing. She recently has begun to cloth her figures in contemporary outfits but the art still has an old master feel. Her works is rich with symbolism and allusions to mythology and history.

Gabrielle Bakker is in studio until May 5 and her work on view until June 2.

Read more about Bakker in the La Jolla Light by Lonnie Burstein Hewitt

The artist  Gabrielle Bakker in Lux studio

Work in progress

diarama study with lighting





Final black and white study

The artist working on her canvas.

David Adey and showing a few new and a few older works in the lobby of the Education Pavillion. This obsessively crafted work makes for compulsive viewing.. 
22 footer. is made from hundreds of lips cut out of fashion magazines


Hide 2 is made with  Laser-cut paper, fluorescent acrylic and pins on pvc foam panel. Three dimensional scan of artist’s body containing over 75k triangulated faces is unfolded and flattened in one piece, then condensed into 4 layers.

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