Wednesday, May 2, 2018

You are Home: Lynn Susholtz

You Are Home, is a public art installation by Lynn Susholtz at 4200 Texas Street San Diego, CA 92104 

The public art created for Community HousingWorks, North Park Senior Apartments is a celebration of community spirit, pride and culture. Multiple art elements utilize light and shadow throughout the project including; 

  • a 18’ft tall light tower/obelisk and sconces along Texas St. made of cut aluminum and colored LED lights, 
  • symbols and designs made of shaped and colored acrylic hanging in the courtyard, 
  • a large array of multi-colored shapes in the form of a “sundial” 4 floors up on a south facing wall. The wall, visible from a distance, displays a compass that points due north representing the direction toward home and the North Star- a constant in the sky just beyond the project wall. The “sundial” creates colored shadows that move throughout the day, casting shapes and symbols onto the wall.  The artwork is a colorful and festive celebration of life and light, changing throughout the day and night with the natural cycles of sun and stars. 

Ideas for the artworks were developed after input from the San Diego LGBT Center’s Senior Art Group. Lynn Susholtz of Stone Paper Scissors, and architect, Carlos Rodriguez, of Rodriguez Design Associates, both local businesses, collaborated on making the art an intrinsic part of the building and streetscape.  

Lynn Susholtz is founder/director of Stone Paper Scissors and Art Produce, a unique artist-run storefront exhibition space and community cultural center in North Park. Stone Paper Scissors integrates community voice and vision into the cultural and physical landscape through art and education. 

Projects have included the planning of public spaces, developing public arts initiatives for neighborhoods, and integrating art into capital projects. Commissions for public and private spaces, range from affordable housing to playscapes for children to the design of community gardens. Susholtz’s art practice ranges in scale from small drawings that explore the cultural context and social histories of everyday objects to large-scale interactive environments, while employing a strong social engagement component that blends the virtual and physical community. Stone Paper Scissors received a 6th “Orchid” award in 2017 for public art from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for Cypress Gates, a transitional homeless housing project in downtown San Diego. 

Local affordable housing developers, Community HousingWorks partnered with the LGBT Center of San Diego to provide homes that are open to all,  the North Park Senior Apartments. This is  an affirming and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors. The community also shelters formerly homeless seniors in eight permanent supportive housing studios. “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” Maya Angelou. There are only a handful of LGBT-affirming affordable communities for seniors in the nation. North Park Seniors is a 76 apartment, transit-oriented development completed in December of 2017 in the North Park Neighborhood of San Diego. North Park Seniors is trailblazing project, making strides for San Diego’s LGBT senior community as well as playing a substantial part in improving of the City’s Density Bonus law. Innovative and imaginative, North Park Seniors was designed and entitled as part of a sustainable, transit-oriented, mixed-income, 194 unit development.

For more info: Contact: Lynn Susholtz 

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