Sunday, July 15, 2018

Beliz Iristay at Bread and Salt

by Patricia Frischer
Bread and Salt presents Beliz Iristay
Regular Gallery Hours: 11 - 4  Tuesday - Saturday or by appointment

If you have not been to Bread and Salt lately, then it is time for a re-visit. Jim Brown who owns the building is supporting three spaces, the gallery when Beliz Iristay is showing, an artist's residency space and a performing space. The Sardine Bar, an art installation by Max Robert Daily is thriving, the Athenaeum has three spaces, a gallery, a print shop and a soon to be ceramic studio. Kathleen Mitchell and Wendy Maruyama have just moved in to a studio next door and Ice Gallery, one of the first showing spaces is still there. There are at least two other spaces that I saw in partial use and an upstairs as well. 

Beliz Iristay takes full advantage of the large gallery space with a well thought out exhibition that concentrates on her Turkish Heritage. It is wonderful to see traditional symbols and images brought into contemporary artworks. She embraces the past culture and comments on current political issues.

She uses a variety of mediums to explore her concepts, including color transfers on bricks, ceramic sculptures, plates with glazes and slips and even found objects like the Turkish rugs that are Incorporated in a work about Ataturk, the great leader of the Modern Turkish  who brought the county into the 20th century. You see his head tumbling down though the years past fallen minarets but landing upright and still strong. The the current retroactive government of Turkey is trying to turn back the clock to pre-Ataturk times.   

Beliz Iristay has a full schedule coming up with works in the Museum Of Contemporary Art, San Diego Art Institute and a two person show with Irene de Watteville at the Athenaeum in La Jolla. It is gratifying to see this deserving artist getting the exposure she deserves.  

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