Saturday, September 22, 2018

Open Your Hearts to North County Arts Launch at ArtWalk Carlsbad

By Patricia Frischer

Brigid Parson and Naomi Nussbaum, steering committee members of NCAN. 
Sandi Cottrell, captain of the ArtWalk fleet!

The launch of the Open your Hearts to North County Arts, October, 2018 was held at  ArtWalk Carlsbad on Sat. Sept 22 from 11- 6pm and Sun. Sept 23 from 10 - 5pm at Armada Drive where the North County Arts Network (NCAN) had a booth for Laura Converse to teach a portrait class (sponsored by San Diego Visual Arts Network) and the NCAN performing arts members were invited to perform samples of their craft on the event stage. Open your Hearts to North County Arts is a promotion of North County Arts Network

ArtWalk Carlsbad is a new two-day outdoor fine art festival and the sister festival to Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy and ArtWalk @ Liberty Station. This brand new art walk was stunning. The layout along a straight street with stunning ocean views on one side and a line of palm trees on the other side made for extremely easy viewing to say nothing of the lovely cool breezes. You could walk up one side and down the other and never feel you had missed one single one of the 200 artists that were displaying their fine art works. 

Laura Converse our portrait teacher assisted by Josie from New Village Arts

Our Volunteer Kristie with the participation booth in full swing

The San Diego Visual Art Network participation artist showing in the NCAN booth was Laura Converse. She aims to help you to better understand the uniqueness of "you" and  sharpen your view of the face. She invites you to draw a portrait of yourself!  Using a template and pencil, you will trace a quick 10 minute sketch, be your own creative self  and produce a special drawing.  No experience needed, easy instructions from a skilled teacher.  Participate in your own understanding through "different eyes'" and the fascination of the face.

Kate Battenfeld sings her heart out with Ken Moran of the Bad Carls

NCAN also provided a diverse line-up of local performing artists to entertain attendees during the first hour of each day at the inaugural ArtWalk in Carlsbad. 
The stage was next to all the food trucks and a beer and wine garden and so you could stop and eat and listen and drink and then go back for more art because there was plenty of seating and shade. This was all at the north end of the street with the tents all lined up as far as the eye could see to the south. AND...parking was abundant and free and close. 

Chalk artist have no easels but work directly on the street

Lori Escalera just starting her day. 
Lori Escalera now you see it!

The 50 chalk artists had just started when I arrived early but you could see  masterpieces coming to life on the asphalt. None of the other ArtWalks has this element and being able to watch artist at work  on something so temporary  was inspiring to everyone. Lori tells us,"there was a “buzz” about (NCAN) people saying…’oh, have we met at NCAN” or "do you know about NCAN?”

Alejandro Martinez-Pena

I have been to more than two dozen ArtWalks in San Diego and Alejandro Martinez-Pena remains my number one favorite artist at these events. 

Monique Straub 

Monique Straub made you feel that the flower fields were still in bloom in these colorful works!

Cindy Witting showed these laser cut metal works in a booth called Metal Mountains. I have not seen anything like this at ArtWalk before and her patterns were impressive

Cindy Witting

Cindy Witting

One of the booth that I thought was set out beautifully was this one by Michael Hirsh which had a mid-century modern feeling although all the works were contemporary. 

An extra wonderful gift  was free admittance to the Museum of Making Music which is located just to the east of the ArtWalk. The museum enjoyed a huge crowd who took advantage of this perk. One of the more than 40 events during the month of October that is promoted by Open Your Hearts to North County Arts is a lecture by Henry Diltz about his life of taking photos of contemporary modern performers. The exhibition called Listening Through the Lens is on Oct 8 at 7 pm at the museum. 

Joan Baez by Henry Diltz

The unifying theme of all three art walks was  “Connecting Creative Communities,”  and ArtWalk Carlsbad was packed and brought visitors from the city of San Diego and all over the county and southern California  together for an immersive art experience. This is a great day out!  Tickets were $10 if purchased in advance online or $12 at the gate. Kids 16 and under are free. More info: 619-615-1090  

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