Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Art Walk Little Italy April 2019

by Patricia Frischer

Vicki Leon

 35th Annual Mission Federal ArtWalk on April 27 and 28 was a chance to see another year's choice of artists and crafts person's work while enjoying the lovely weather and great new restaurants of Little Italy. There were more than the usual jewelers displaying but I want to point out one local artist whose work is unique and exciting. Vicki Leon does public art on a rather grand scale, but some of her jewelry work is like miniature sculptures. They are beautifully carved and composed and the  color changes of her glass are enchanting. 

Noreen Ring (quilt above) is one of  five ladies from North County who only show together one time a year at Art Walk, but they have been coming to central San Diego and staying in a hotel near by for the last 20 years. The enjoy each others company and this chance to show off their work and makes sales and talk to each other is a great tradition.  

Christine Shwimmer has a series of images of ladies which I first saw at the Cannon Gallery at the Carlsbad Dove Library. It was great fun to see this painting again. 

Sarah Stieber Yes, this is sometimes my attitude when I listen to the news these days. 

Monique Straub never fails to woo us with her bright colors and strong shapes You can easily recognize her work which is saying something in the sea of images that dances in your head after a few hours of Art Walk.  

Alejandro Martínez-Peña has been present at Art Walk for as long as I can remember. It must be a great venue for him to sale. All these years later, his abstracts still seem authentic to me. 

Grant Pecoff was showing lots of fine art, but these surfboards were part of a theme at this year's Art Walk and there were special displays of artist's boards throughout the area. 

Molly Paulick  who has been selected as the San Diego Visual Arts Network 2019  Business of Art Scholarship award winner was  featured at the 35th Annual Mission Federal ArtWalk on April 27 and 28 in booth #621.  Patric Stillman from Studio Door has mentored her for this opportunity. 

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