Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sandra Chanis sculptures: FRIVOLOUS

by Patricia Frischer

Sandra Chanis exhibits at  Art Gallery of Phillips Center at Sts.Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church (3459 Manchester Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007) The show runs from May 25 to June 27. The Gallery is open F 4-7pm,  SAT 11-2pm,  SUN 1-4pm,  M 4-7pm. Or by appointment from Pam 760.942.0920 or contact Sandra Chanis

We are lucky in San Diego to have many libraries which have art galleries, but have you notices that churches now have art galleries as well. The newest one is spearheaded by Father Michael at the Greek Orthodox Church in Cardiff.  With his master's degree in art and his own artistic talents, he has dedicated his attention with a committee of art enthusiast at the church to bringing a lovely space to life. The new church on the premises allows this room with high ceiling and white walls and even a stage to be a new home for artist to exhibit.   

A fine choice for the first one person show is these  white creations by Chanis best known for her years of support of the Oceanside Museum of Art. She titled the show Frivolous and that lighthearted feeling is prevalent especially as this is an artist known for stone carving and bronze casting...both very arduous processes. In her own words, "There is something about working with clay, from dirt, from that raw and responsive nature of the material, that makes shapes, shadows and empty spaces reveal themselves through your hands with that inexplicable energy that is the spirit of art."  

The artist might claim she has no control of what happens as the figures emerge, and that they have no purpose, but it is a pleasure to fantasize about works that have titles that are clues. Think Tank, Goldie Locks, Balance, Three Rams and a Hand all in stoneware, can take you on journey to the past and future. 


Goldie Locks

Think Tank

Three Rams and a Hand

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