Monday, April 16, 2012

Joe Brubaker: The Exquisite Garden

Joe Brubaker: The Exquisite Garden is showing at the William D. Cannon Gallery in Carlsbad ( 1775 Dove Lane) from Apr. 1 – June 24, 2012.
We arrived at the gallery and were delighted to see that it had been completely transformed. No longer the white box but instead a garden of deathly delights. The atmosphere was one of a cemetery at night, dark with shadowy shapes. When you looked close you saw sculptures by the artist Joe Brubaker, almost all carves wood figures with the look of outsider art but of course, this is not the case. Brubaker and two San Diego artists (Vista sculptor Elon Eubanks and Carlsbad muralist Ron Juncal) and two art students from MiraCosta College joined the crew of 12 who contributed found object assemblages dropped from the ceiling and rising from islands of foliage from cardboard trees. The audience was fascinated as there was so much to see. It only lacked a participation element. I longed to add a little piece of trash of my own to mark my spot.

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