Monday, November 19, 2012

Good, You Have Talent And Imagination...?

OMA - Artist Alliance Quarterly Exchange Patricia Frischer - Good, You Have Talent And Imagination...? is a lecture with critique following on Monday, Nov 5 at 6:30 pm (704 Pier View Way , Oceanside 92054 Larry Vogel 760.435.3720

When lecturing to artist about their marketing plans, I find the most important thing to do first is to manage expectation. Not all artists need to become super stars. Some just want a few sales to build their confidence. Others are passionate about a message that they want to communicate and need an audience. Others are in love with the process of making art and need the challenge of an exhibition to bring out their best. Knowing exactly why you want to show your work is essential so you can rate the experience of marketing and determine what success means individually.  In this presentation, artists were encouraged to think of these goals and not assume that the failure was determined by lack of sales.

There was a full explanation about how to list and use the calendar of the San Diego Visual Arts Network and artists were urged to either have their own websites or join an association that would let them show their work online. It was also demonstrated how to find opportunities like calls to artists on the site.

The last minutes of the lecture were a call for artists to come together and raise their game by curating their own shows at a higher level. Museum level exhibitions have to have not just an excellent level of creativity and technique, they need a theme that is relevant and can be communicated. The show needs the ability to garner sponsorship from within the wider community that might support the museum. It needs to be PR worthy which might mean novel, amusing, unique, and emotional or even showcase recognition of some worthy cause or person. In other words, making good art is just the beginning of a career in the arts.

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