Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DNA of Creativity , Sea Changes: Act at Museum of Monterey

 By Patricia Frischer

DNA of Creativity Sea Changes: Act at Museum of Monterey at Stanton Center is now over but it ended with a wonderful Sea Changes: Act Panel on the last day, Sunday May 25th, 2-5 pm. 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940 More info: 831.372.2608.

Joining me on the panel were Mark Baer, director Museum of Monterey, Jennifer Colby, our guest curator for Sea Changes: Act at MOM, Dawn Hayes of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, Paulette Lynch for the Arts Council of Monterey County, Ellen Martin, director of First Night Monterey and the every lovely Kira Carrillo Corser  who spoke and recorded the panel. We hope to send you a link to that video in the future. 

The afternoon was started with a dedication and chant with Sonne Reyna, Lipan Apache. It was an emotional dedicate to Mother Ocean and set just the right tone for the day. 

The museum is trying to move more and more toward innovation and creativity and Mr. Baer welcomed us warmly. Jennifer Colby, Dawn Hayes and Ellen reported on numerous projects past and ongoing which show how the arts not only enliven the county of Monterey but help to solve some of it pressing problems of cultural awareness, land use, and issues maritime. The emphasis was on spreading the word about our oceans, their beauty and the threats to the fish and to us when the ocean is abused. Of course, this is the stance of the the DNA of Creativity project, Sea Changes: Act with it's motivating title to go out there and make a difference. 

I was especially pleased with the reception I received for ideas of combining art and science in all sorts of way. 

Here are some images from this exhibition at MOM and I am glad to say that you can see a larger assortment until August 4th at the Oceanside Museum of Art  where you can also see the results of the other three teams for DNA of Creativity. 

Mosaic painting by Tim Leuker
Jelly by Marjorie Pezzoli and Debb Solan, fish by Patricia Frischer, silk painting by Kira Carrillo Corser and Marjorie Pezzoli

Video surround by Kira Carrillo Corser

Fish by Kira Corser Carrillo and scarves by Marjorie Pezzoli

Jellies by  Marjorie Pezzoli and Debb Solan

Painting by Marcia Perry

Multimedia images by Kira Carrillo Corser

Painting by Victor Angelo

Mosaic painting by Debb Solan

Sea Harbor paintings by Lauren Carerra

Glass Sculptures by Michelle Kurtis Cole

Gallery view

Panel flyer


  1. So exciting. Such great energy and such great thinking.....and not a moment too soon for our lovely, fragile planet......

  2. Such great energy. Such great thinking. And not a moment too soon for our lovely, fragile planet......