Monday, August 3, 2015

24th Annual Juried Exhibition at Athenaeum Music & Arts Library

by Patricia Frischer, coordinator, SD Visual Arts

Athenaeum Music & Arts Library (1008 Wall St, La Jolla) 24th Annual Juried Exhibition from July 31 to Aug 29. This years’ jurors include critic and author, Robert Pincus, PhD., Visiting Professor, University of San Diego and Tina Yapelli, Professor, San Diego State University and Director, SDSU Downtown Gallery. More info: Katie Walders  858-454-5872

With over 40 artists often represented by more than one work of art, the Athenaeum was full to brimming for this prestigious juried exhibition. And the crowd on the walls matched the audience on the opening night with a large selection of the art world out to see and be seen. It is always wonderful to see this sort of energy generated at an event. 

Like most juried shows, it was hard to find a running theme for the show, so I just  choose a few of my personal favorites to give you a feel of the variety. I have included notes that I hope make you want to check them for yourself with all the rest of the work. Go see, be seen.

Emily Slapin presented a portrait of this girl/women painted and framed like a tapestry. It was intriguing and reminded me of the Vermeer women like that featured at the Timkin Gallery currently. You know something is going on but not sure what and that lets your imagination run wild. she seems like a little girl dressing up and pretending to be a seductress.

Kris Moore's work does not come through that well in the photo, but the two photos were dramatically hung in a corner. The figure on the left has some strange line between the prow and the nose and it is only when you realize that the other figure is an elephant that you realize that the image is morphed. In my first glance I thought it was an alien.

Constance Rawlins gave us this "Harvey" rabbit, or maybe it is a "mascot" like those of Brian Dick. This photo raises so many questions, but they don't need answering. You can just enjoy the look of it and imagine what is behind the mask that goes with the body.

I first saw work by Allan Morrow at Perry Meyer Fine Art where I became a fan so when I saw this series with the textures and and colors, I easily took delighted in the strongly designed composition.

I am a sucker for a hands on  intimate work on paper and these by Mihaela Luca are just the sort of charming gestures that make me remember why I ran a gallery in London specializing in drawings.

Mihaela Luca also made this collage/drawing that is so fresh and natural that it jumps off the page.

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