Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best in Show: Meow and Bow WOW at San Diego Art Institute

by Patricia Frischer

Sat. Feb 13, 6-8 Until March 17
San Diego Art Institute
1439 El Prado, SD 92101
More info: Celia Gold 619-236-0011

 A feline and canine themed show would be one that you think would be packed with crazy images and you are not wrong. One of my favorite works was a simple white kitty in a black frame, but when you moved close it was actually the video screen and the cat turned into a tiger. This very simple idea was so effective and I could not stop moving back and forth to make the effect appear and disappear. I can envision a future when we all have video screens in our bathroom showing loops of preferred moving experiences. See Seth Combs selection
Video players on City Beat 
The most charming and intimate object in the show was the lovely ceramic sculpture by Irene De Watteville. A cat riding a chicken might make a lovely center piece for a foodie table.
Larry Cavenay
 I could find no title of attribution for the following four images...but there were three fictional brochures covers on display along with full illustrated contents.Very clever.   Lack of titles is a simple mistake, but there is no didactic on the walls of this show to explain who the curator was or how the choices were made. 

Brian Leo

Pamela Jaeger

Wick Alexander (mosaic)

Paul Koudounaris, photo Straight Otta Kitten

Paul Koudounaris, photo Kitten Bo Peep

Dan Adams no show about cats and dogs would be complete without the work of Adams.

The Future is Meow: A Cat Fashion Show
Sat Feb 27 6-8 pm

Ship Cats: Adventure! Courage! Betrayal!, a lecture by Dr. Paul Koudounaris
Thurs. Feb. 25, 6-8 pm $5
San Diego Art Institute
1439 El Prado, SD 92101
More info: Celia Gold 619-236-0011

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