Monday, October 10, 2016

SD Botanic Gardens Sculpture

by Patricia Frischer

San Diego Botanic Garden continues to be home to a stunning display of sculptures curated by Naomi Nussbaum. ( this set from June to May 2017) Located at 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, 92024.

The Botanic Gardens never looked better. Lush and in bloom, with waterfalls and lookouts, the sculptures are so well sited by Naomi Nussbaum and her team of artists and gardeners that there is joy around every corner. I had to crop many of the photos to cut out the distracting plants just so you could see them in the images below. But go to the park and see the vegetation and art works living together in perfect harmony.  I have only documented a small portion of what is on view. Sculptures that move and reflect, abstract, figurative, there is something for everyone and no one with a garden should come away without wanting an art work in their own space. 

Yuriy Akopov

Jeffery Laudenslager

I am showing you three views of this rotating work by Deanne Sabeck because as it turns the glass changes colors. The last of the three was the reflection of the work on the ground.

Yuriy Akopov

Lynn Forbes

Laurenn Barker

Julia S. Rasor

Yuriy Akopov

Helen Segal

Patricia Palenschat

Chris Brown

Peter Mitten

Becky Guttin
These last two works are on permanent display but I wanted to show case them as well. I was not able to see the names of the artist so my apologies to them. 
This very large disks of disks is on the side of the building facing the parking lot. It dances in the sun.

This is just one of an entire set of figures that are made from living matter. I like this dancer so much with her delicate little foot lifted just above the ground.

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