Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shinpei Takeda at Sergott Art Alliance

by Patricia Frischer

CHRONOS/KAIROS II: Recent Works by Shinpei Takeda is showing at Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance in Rancho Santa Fe opening on Sept 22 and showing until Nov 10 by appointment. "In ancient Greek mythology, Chronos is the linear chronological 'time' and Kairos is the 'time' - the right, critical moment specific to a space for something to occur. My work has dealt with finding the intersection of Chronos and Kairos, working with histories and memories while understanding how to adopt to the contingent circumstances. In this exhibition, I propose a series of works based on my intent to find the intersection of the sequential objective time and non-sequential subjective time." --Shinpei Takeda More info: 858.756.2377

Shinpei Takeda was a house guest  for the last few days before this show opened in the charming gallery on Tom and Ann Sergott's property. It seems to be a win win for both the artist who was given full rein to display his work as he wishes in the space and for the Sergotts who had not only their first solo artist show but also their first artist in residence. Shinpei is a charming man, kind and considerate and full of passion and dedication to his art.  At the same time as this exhibition he has two shows in the Pacific Standard Time promotion in LA,  Shinpei divides his time between Tijuana and Germany and seems to constantly on the move. The same can be said for his work which changes and grows with each viewing. The gallery looked quite different with the walls arranged to hold the large weaving suspended partly from the ceiling. More intimate works pulled you further into his vision. I was struck by how some of the pictures were actually dramatic photographs of his other large installation hangings. 


  1. From the photos here, it is hard to tell where Chronos and Kairos apply. Further, this exhibit seems to lack a continuity of artistic style or presence. All done by the same artist? I liked Takeda's description of his intent, but the art didn't live up to it.

  2. This is a one man show, the first at Sergott and you should see the show and not judge it by the photos here. They are only meant to give you a taste. The show held together very well and if you know that space, it was terrific to see it installed in a differnt way. Duke Windsor made the walls for Tom and they can be easily positioned so many different ways. I hope you have a chance to see the show. Shinpei is in two shows in LA right now as well but this is prime work.