Sunday, December 24, 2017

Holiday Cheer and Wishing you the Joys of the Season

Sometimes it is just good to take a big deep breath, forget your worries and have some fun. And if you can't do that at the end of the year...during the holiday season, than you are just sad! So make sure that you have plenty of cheer in your life, share your love, and spread as much happiness as possible. 

Our SDVAN holiday potluck exchange was so much fun. Lots of items found new homes and a few too many items found my stomach!  Lots of sweets this year, but what the hey!

Reclaimed broken bits of jewelry got a new life as our mistletoe as there is never enough kissing. 

Managed to snap this shot of Ralyn Wolfstein's caviar egg salad before it was devoured. 

Arthur Flick produced a night in his garden of sharing and caring. Here he is with Kaz Maslanka

Patricia (not me!) entertained us with this stunning shadow dance

Joe Monzo

Melinda Resende with the terrific keyboard player

Kira Corser brought her Peace and Freedom Posts and Silk Tapestries

Fabulously cute dancers at the Encinitas Friends of the Arts Membership appreciation party

The Christmas tree at Liberty Station supplied by the NTC Foundation. 

Ellen Speert and Paul Henry invited friends to a labyrinth walk at their Center for Creative Renewals

Darwin models some of the hats we sent as presents to relatives this year. 

Janine Free caught my holiday spirit

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