Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mission Federal Art Walk Featured Artists and Artie Award Announced for 2018

by Patricia Frischer

We look forward each year to the announcement of the featured artist for the Mission Federal Art Walk. This gala event is held at the Westgate Hotel which is the only hotel I know of in SD which has the  decor and elegance of  European culture.  It makes an interesting juxtaposition to see the traditional sculptures next to the modern art on display. Eight artists were announced and seven of those had work at this events (Harut Hakobyan from Grananda Hills was absent).  Right off the elevator was the work of Gedion Nyanhongo whose stone carving were so eye catching.

During the evening there was a wonderful spoken word presentation by Gill Sotu and the announcement of the Artie to Patric Stillman of The Studio Door who organizes the The Business of Art scholarship sponsored by SDVAN. The other went to Arts and Craftsman Supply which also provides a participation event at ArtWalk so everyone can have a hands on experience.  The awards were as always, created by the sculptor Jon Koehler. 

The Mission Federal Art Walk is Sat and Sun, April 28 and 29th in 2018. The Art Walk at Liberty Station is Aug 11 and 12 and the newest Art Walk in Carlsbad will be held in September 22 and 23. 

Westgate decor

Gedion Nyanhongo, Phoenix, AZ

Gedion Nyanhongo, Phoenix, AZ

Gedion Nyanhongo, Phoenix, AZ

John Straub, photography,  La Mesa, CA

Ann Golumbuk from Art on 30th, SD, CA

Carolyn Johnson, Laguna Niguel, CA

Akzhana/Maxim, Oceanside, CA

Dany Paragouteva, Glendale, CA

Tesa Michaels, Adelman Fine Art  SD, CA

Art Reach, the non-profit arm of Art Walk, brings art to thousands of children. They were offering the opportunity to try your hand at silk screening and guest were invited to take home a special carryall with a quote from Matisse .

Gill Sotu spoken word artist...apologies for the photo so I inserted a better one of his face. 

Sandi Cottrell presentes Artie to Patric Stillman, of Studio Door

I went to Studio Door on the same day and wanted to report on their current exhibition. Three figurative artists are featured plus a small show in the annex classroom space. This is a temporary space while half of the gallery is being renovated. 

New Work by Mikaela McLeish who was selected for an artist residency in France.  She attributes her successes this year directly to the encouragement and mentoring she received from the The Business of Art scholarship

Mikaela McLeish

Selection of work by Margaret Alexis Chiaro

Margaret Alexis Chiaro

Margaret Alexis Chiaro

Margaret Alexis Chiaro

David Jester

Cassandras Schramm, who teaches Wine and Painting evenings at the Studio Door

Painting by Patric Stillman

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